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June 2: Headed North

Lost Hills, California: Not 100% sure this was going to be our dateline tonight when our day started, as we had a few “issues” this morning… but before I jump into today’s adventures, let me go back to the fun times from yesterday.

We went to retrieve our motorhome from the storage facility very early Tuesday morning as Maricella was sending a crew to clean our motorhome at 9a. As we entered through the guard gate at our country club, we had a stern reminder motorhomes can only be parked in front of a house for 24 hours (as over-night street parking is generally not allowed in this development). We know this rule, and, as we walk/bicycle around the ‘hood, notice many motorhome parked in front of homes for 2-3 days all the time. We are rule-followers, so decided to pack-up and return the motorhome to her storage bay, where she could have a peaceful night plugged-into 50 amp power.

The bus was cleaned and we loaded our belongings. The fridge was turned-on and set to chill. Early Wednesday morning, we filled the fridge and were ready to drive to the RV storage place, when one of the awnings would not retract all the way - it was out about six inches. We were punching buttons, resetting fuses, etc. Even Brian couldn’t figure it out.

Would you believe a security guard came by at 9:30a, and wrote us a citation?! Thirty minutes past our 24-hour limit. There was no fine, so we don’t know what a “citation” signifies. If we are ever sued, the case would be thrown-out as the officer wrote our California license number on the citation, but noted it was an Oregon license plate! (Due to our GO DUCKS license plate wrap?) The make of the offending vehicle was written as DYNOMAX - which is our chassis manufacturer. No matter that is says COUNTRY COACH all over the back of the bus.

Dave drove the RV to storage, and I followed in the Jeep. An on-site tech was able to bring-in the awning! Yeah 12-foot ladders and smart RV techs. And, there was no charge… possibly due to their big boo-boo last time (forgetting to reset the inverter after replacing all our batteries). The bus was stored for the night. DT played 18 holes and I had a pedicure. Dinner at the club house (shared appetizer Buffalo Chicken Sliders).

After harvesting our daily tomato crop, we left our house at 9 o'clock this morning to start our trip north. Our friend/neighbor, Jill, will be harvesting the tomatoes in our absence.

After the RV was unplugged from 50 amp, we had no power in the bus. The inverter had again been turned off. Not by us. This is also a new inverter, installed by Brian last year. At least we figured this one out on our own, but it took a few tries. There are so many systems in our motorhome, but happily so many work-arounds, so that if one thing doesn’t work, another will. Whew! Back in business, ready to head north, with Beef Barbacoa Tacos simmering away in a slow cooker (resting in the kitchen sink). I’m classy.

Car hitched-up behind the motorhome. Always a stress-test for me. Have not attempted this 12-step program for many months, but it went well on my first try… except the turn signals wouldn’t work. Seriously? My Driver fiddled with the connections and things were right again. Whew! Okay, now can we leave?

Not so fast, Dear Reader! I went to wash my hands of all the hitching grease, and opened the mirrored door above the bathroom sink to retrieve a towel. The entire mirror came off the door! My first reaction was to catch it, but my second reaction was to just let it go, or face deep lacerations on my hands and forearms. I backed away. The mirror bounced once on the Corian countertop, then slid into the sink where it paused before flipping back up onto the counter. IN. ONE. PIECE.

If that mirror had broken, boding 7 years bad luck, I probably would have cried and insist this trip be cancelled.

We recklessly hit the highway., and the only “bad” thing we encountered the rest of the day (not counting terrible bumpy road conditions on several freeway stretches) was coughing up $575 to fill the diesel tank. Ouch. (NOTE: We had heard of a new fuel depot at the Morongo Casino, so stopped to check it out on our way home from LA Monday. Huge bays. Maybe the nicest “truck stop” we have ever visited?

We only stopped once more - at the rest area at the top of the Grape Vine on I-5 - for a quick snack, before reaching our destination at the Lost Hills KOA. Of all our drives up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down I-5, this is the first time we have ever camped here. It’s a campground.

The satellite TV dish went up. The tacos were served. Everything is working on our bus… well, except for the bathroom mirror currently resting on our bed.

Let’s see if tomorrow can be a bit less dramatic?

Until my next update, I remain, your Road Warrior correspondent.

RV PARK: Lost Hills RV Park - Just off I-5 at exit 278. Nice swimming pool. Gravel sites, with paved roads. Full service. Ice. Kids playground. We paid $52.

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  1. Enjoy your trip! May there be no more issues with the coach. I use your Barbacoa taco recipe all the time–so good!

  2. Safe travels! Only you could turn all these mishaps into a interesting amusing story!
    Looking forward to hearing about your summer adventures 💚💛

  3. Hopefully a “rough” start means a smooth trip. 🙂
    OMG, I was literally holding my breath while reading about the mirror incident. Glad to hear all is in one piece.
    Sending good thoughts for more reasonable diesel fuel prices, soon…YIKES!
    Safe travels!!

  4. In Australia, where we have had high fuel prices for years, there is a multitude of apps showing the current fuel price of each service station. Most are crowd sourced. We do have to look at Google Maps to see how accessible some of the older stations are, but generally we can choose the best price in town. At the moment diesel is as high as its ever been A$2.20 per litre. That comes out as US$6.05 a US gallon.

    1. At a truck stop across from the RV park we are at tonight, diesel is $7.04 per gallon!

  5. Terry, most truck stops charge more for diesel than gas stations. It’s always worth a drive-by to see if the coach will fit on the outside pumps.

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