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May 2022: Weekend in LA

La Quinta, California: When I last left you, we were prepping for the kids to spend the Memorial Day weekend with us. Plans changed, as Lenny had to fly out of town Sunday for work, plus they are suddenly fostering a dog until she is neutered next week... and well, things are a little hectic, and Lisa was not excited about bringing an unknown dog (who gets carsick!) on a two hour drive... to our house, so we went there. In the end, Lenny's trip was cancelled, so we enjoyed a long stay with our family.

We left for LA with a carrot cake to celebrate (one month later) Dave's birthday, an apple tart, a "bouquet" of herbs from our garden and the daily tomato harvest.

Just after arriving, we all set down to a delicious Shabbat meal prepared by Lisa: chicken roasted with potatoes and leeks - and Challah. Happy Birthday was crooned.

Saturday was busy with ballet lessons and piano lessons, and we walked down the street to a wonderful al fresco Italian meal. Sunday was family work day! Several handyman projects required Dave's skill. Power tools were used. Molly bolts were involved. Then Dave put-together a gas grill (it was 90% assembled at purchase), and placed pavers under a gate just in case their dog (or the foster dog) decided it would be fun to dig themselves out. Lisa and Lucile planted their herb garden and set the tomatoes. Lenny worked. Leo played the piano, played with the dogs and shot hoops. Limping Bubbe was given a pass, but was relegated to doing the grocery runs. I did take Lucy to a craft store as she needed a new needlepoint project.

Start 'em young.

We explained the meaning of Memorial Day to the kids (again), and I told how hundreds of people in Europe are at the many American Cemeteries today honoring fallen soldiers who gave their lives to free them from Hitler's terror. Again, so grateful for the men and women who served and gave their lives, and so thankful that all four of my Mom's brothers who served returned safely home. Also so perplexed to listen to the news and read social media posts thanking VETERANS. That's a different holiday, peeps!

After the work was done and the patio was set back to order, we had a lovely little BBQ! Lenny made his famous dip and Dave grilled sausages and hot dogs with all the fixin's. Lisa made a hot potato salad and a tomato salad (with the tomatoes from our garden), burrata left-over from our Italian meal, and croutons made with left-over Challah. (Don't waste food!) Strawberry shortcake for dessert. It was a feast.

Lenny was taking the kids to Top Gun Monday morning, so we packed up and headed back to the desert. Before leaving, we had a photo shoot:

They are so stinkin' cute.

As I write this Tuesday morning, our bus is parked in front of our house. Maricella's crew are giving it a once-over. Everything we are taking along on our trip was organized before we went to Los Angeles, so it only needs to be carried out to the street. Our country club is giving us all-sorts of "reminders" about how a motorhome can only be parked in front of a house for 24 hours... never mind most of our neighbors are away this time of year. And let's face it: our motorhome kinda classes-up the street, don't ya think?

Until my next update, hopefully somewhere north of here, I remain your nearly-Goddess-again correspondent.