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Jack’s Bar-B-Que

We all flew back to Oregon today. Our friends left at noon, but we didn't have to fly-out until 3p - giving DT and I plenty of time to go back to Jack's for another taste of their smoked brisket.

As I said yesterday, the sandwich was just divine and the prices are very reasonable. Cheap, actually.

As with every barbeque joint we have visited in the south, there is no table service at Jack's. Stand in line and your food is plated for you, cafeteria-style, by workers behind the counter. Ribs, brisket, pulled-pork or chicken, with your choice of "sides" - corn, mac & cheese, potato salad, slaw, etc. 

Keeping with the unfathomable to this Oregonian Southern tradition, everything is served on disposable styrofoam plates, disposable plastic cutlery and styrofoam cups. A roll of paper towels sits on each table - and trust me, you are going to need a lot of paper towels with this juicy barbeque.

Delicious. Tender. Smoky. I poured a bit of their "Texas Sweet Hot" sauce over the meat and bit into perfection. I can't recommend Jack's brisket enough.

And so, we left lovely Tennessee and flew home to non-disposable Oregon.

As our plane flew above the Columbia River, we had a view north into Washington State and Mt. Adams (foreground) and Mt. Rainier as the sun set into a pink sky. Pretty.

We are home! It was a great week in Tennessee. We really packed-in a lot of touristing, eating, laughing and then there was that bit about winning a football game. Ducks are ranked #5 in the polls this week - up from #7 last week.

Our friend, Lara, has still not had the baby!

Until my next update, I remain, your Off Rocky Top correspondent.