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How football helps my life

Somehow it is already the middle of September. It is a New Year (if you live by the Jewish calendar). School has started. The leaves are turning. Everyone's pantry is bursting with their canned summer garden harvests. (And by everyone, I mean everyone else, not me.) Fall is the time when I plan "projects". Why? Because the autumnal season is the only time we are home for more than four days at a time. Why?


The Oregon Duck football schedule allows me time to organize home improvement projects, bring my sourdough starter back to life, schedule routine maintenance on the furnace, cars and myself. Physicals, opthamologist and dental appointments must be scheduled in the fall.

Without football, my life would be a disaster.

I have three large projects looming. First, is a redecoration of our guest suite, aka "The Tiger Room". It hasn't been painted for 16 years. The 16-year-old carpet has seen better days - nearly 6,000 of them. At Taylor Manor, this is the Year of the Tiger. (No, not the golfer, just the year our Tiger Room gets an upgrade.) New fixtures in the bathroom are in order. (Of course, we are having guests in a few weeks, so I hope they don't mind the mess.)

Alright. Maybe I do go a little crazy with my theme rooms, but the room has a very comfortable queen bed, a private 14x14-foot deck over-looking the forest, two spacious closets, HD television, high-speed wireless internet and an attached private bathroom with a shower. Since it is on the main floor of the house, we planned that this room could be our master bedroom if we get too feeble to use the stairs.

As if.

This little project should keep me busy for a few weeks.

The Lovely Lisa's "sweet suite" is next. New paint, carpeting, and a complete bathroom remodel. Nothing has been changed in her room in sixteen years either... not to mention she hasn't lived at home for 11 of those years. The carpet is actually blue.

Yes. Blue.

Blue was very hot in 1994.

Probably time to put away the pompoms and turn it into a comfortable room for a grown woman to occupy when she visits her parents.

Last big project is my Mom's cookbook. It is coming along nicely, but I want it finished by December 1st. (First-ish, anyway.) Realistically, it is only typing words and placing photos on pages, but this is more difficult than I imagined. Lots of memories between the words and photos. Good memories. Makes me cry, then I want to cook a few recipes. Then I want to eat. Then I need to get on the treadmill. Then I want to cry. A vicious circle.

GOOD NEWS! Our friends from Nashville had their baby this afternoon! Welcome Lincoln James! Mom and son are doing well. Congratulations!

Until my next update, I remain, your happy correspondent.