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It’s Hot

Indio, California: Dave's meetings ended this afternoon, and we once-again resumed our lazy lifestyle.

The University hosted a lovely dinner last night at the Vintage Club in Indian Wells for the Trustees and their spouses. We enjoyed a great evening and delicious foods in a beautiful setting. The Vintage Club went all out, serving only Oregon wines at dinner and even (some how) spraying "U of O" into the custard on the puff pastry dessert. (Please forgive my fuzzy iPhone photo... but my cute little evening bag will not accommodate a real camera).

In further homage, the cream on the pastry was hazelnut flavored and the sorbet was Marion berry! Someone did their homework.


The temperatures have been in the 90's over the past few days. I have spent quite a bit of time adjusting our irrigation system to water our flowers and herbs enough - but not too much. Sometimes the water spills into the street/gutter and I hate to waste water! This may be over my area of expertise, so I think I will recall our contractor to make the correct adjustments. 

A 45-foot fiberglass RV gets very warm inside when the temperatures climb. I also hate to use electricity to cool the bus, so we remained outside this evening (in a nice breeze) while enjoying an icy cold beverage.

DT and I are going on a road trip tomorrow. Any guesses as to where we are headed?

LET'S MOVE IN MARCH! I have challenged y'all to get out there, lace up your sneakers and walk or jog (or the exercise of your choice) at least 30 minutes - five or six days a week in March. I'm doing this for charity and my prominent backside.

Dear Reader, sad news. I have a very sore knee. Not sure what happened. I ran the other day, and when I stopped, my knee hurt like heck. It even hurt to walk. Very strange, however My Driver - a long-time runner - says "sometimes that happens, just walk for a few days". So I did. Two miles yesterday and four miles today. Tomorrow DT wants me to run for 100 meters, then walk for 100 meters... for four miles. I will report on this exercise tomorrow. (Did I mention it has been 90° the past two days?) How's it going for you? Please comment below. 

Pedometer: 13,032
Miles covered for the day/month: 4/41

Until my next update, I remain, your sweaty correspondent.

RV PARK:  Motorcoach Country Club - The Crown Jewel of Motorcoach Resorts. 400 sites, three pools, three spas, fitness center, golf, bocce ball, tennis, 2-mile waterway, fine-dining restaurant, bar, security, planned activities, perfectly maintained. Sites for sale or rent.