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It’s A New Car!

Dave has been in Eugene the past few days for University of Oregon Trustee meetings, but returned to me late this afternoon just in time to sign a lot of papers take possession of our new tow car - a 2015 Jeep Cherokee Limited.

We drove a Jeep Cherokee last week. We did our research and when we were ready to buy, contacted our auto broker, Auto Solution. Peter and Mark found the car we wanted (at a dealer in Bend, Oregon) and had someone drive it over for us this week. Peter drove the car out to Taylor Manor this afternoon.

Not gonna lie. Though just a little bigger/heavier than our old Honda CRV, the Jeep Cherokee is a much sturdier vehicle. I ordered the Jeep in a dark grey, with black leather interior. (Probably going to regret this decision in hot/dusty Indio... but I am not in charge of washing the tow car.)

The Jeep is loaded with so much stuff. I am a fairly tech-savvy gal, but wonder how many people can actually utilize all the technical features this car includes: Connect to the world via UConnect. UConnect controls your phone calls, voice messaging, restaurant reservations, inter-planetary travel, music, etc. - using voice-only command. Charge your cell phone via a charging "pad" - no cord needed. The car does not have a key, only push-button start... or start the car with your cell phone. Find your car with your phone. Lock/unlock your car with your phone.

Beam me up, Scotty.

The Jeep has electrical plug-in's for a laptop, DVD player, etc. Push a button on the key fob and the rear hatch opens. It parallel parks itself. It backs-in to a parking space by itself. On cruise-control, the Jeep will automatically reduce speed if the car ahead slows down. The shifter-thangy has a mode for automatic down-shifting on long hills. A warning sound/sign appears if you are in danger of crashing. If you are swerving about in your lane, you will hear about that as well. Though not a hybrid, the car turns itself off when stopped in traffic/at intersections to halt polluting emissions. Pretty sure there are many more features we will discover after reading the owner manual... which is, of course, on a DVD!

I may need a teenager to set-up my new car.

A little over-the-top for a vehicle I need to tool-around to the grocer or drive between Indio and Los Angeles... and drag behind the motorhome? True - but many of these new-to-us options are completely normal/standard in current cars.

Cars no longer require keys.

We are hopelessly behind he times. Our cars are 8-ish and 16-ish years old. They go forward and backward and stop. Dave's Chevy Tahoe is so old it has a cigarette lighter. (Not a cigarette lighter "adapter" for a phone charger - his Chevy has one of those old-school push-in cigarette lighters.)

The new and the old - Peter left us the new Jeep and drove away in our old Honda. 

I did not cry.

It's an Old Bubbe with a New Car!

I drove the car about one mile, then tucked her in for the night. Too. Much. Information.

Tomorrow is another day.

While My Driver was away at his trustee meetings, I took advantage of a sunny morning and scrubbed all the patio furniture in hopes of a quiet Shabbat on the deck - our first outdoor meal since we have returned to Oregon.

Just a simple supper of grilled chicken (marinated all day in fresh rosemary, white wine, garlic and lemon juice from Mary & Captain Jim's tree in Indio) and Israeli Salad (tonight made with tomato, green pepper, cucumber, radish, red onion, avocado, Zaatar, white wine vinegar and olive oil from the next-hill-over). Everything organic. Everything delicious.

Until my next update, I remain, your "I have a lot of owner manuals to read" correspondent.