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Welcome June!

Though the calendar says "summer", it has been so cold (to me) this week. Rain fell so very hard, it sounded like Santa and his 300 reindeer were on our roof. Temperatures are predicted into the 90's over the next few days. Quite a switch.

Cold toes.

It was so cold, I made a Manhattan:

And a beautiful Manhattan it was...

Back to reality: getting our house back in order after six months away. Trying to remember where the corkscrew can opener is located in a kitchen drawer. Where is the dish soap? Which night does the trash can need to be out to the road for pick-up? Oh, that is right... the Daily Oregonian is no longer a daily newspaper.

I just can't keep up.

There are many items on our to-do lists. Number One is getting a new car to replace the 2007 Honda CRV that we had planned to replace last summer. After asking y'all, it was decided to purchase a Jeep Cherokee (not a Grand Cherokee... just a little Cherokee... not much larger than our old Honda CRV).

This model (in the above graphite color) has a 9-speed transmission with Jeep Active Drive II, which includes a magic button to disengage the transmission, allowing the 4x4 car to be flat-towed behind a RV... because when I am not using the car to drive to the grocer  drive between Indio and Los Angeles climb rocks, it will be dragged behind the Magna Peregrinus. We ordered this Jeep from our auto broker, Auto Solution. An auto broker will find the exact new/used car you want, drive it your home/office, drive away in your trade-in, and you pay the (cash/loan) difference. Best prices. No haggling. No need to smell the burnt coffee at a dealership. We have not owned many cars since living in Portland, but every single vehicle has been purchased through Auto Solution. Many large companies, banks and credit unions offer the service of an auto broker as a benefit. Maybe one day DT will upgrade his 16 year old Chevy Tahoe?

So long, Honda. It so sucks that you decided to change your transmissions in 2015 making your cars no longer towable.

Your bad.

Oh, and the Jeep can do this:

I will take photos of the new ride when it is delivered - any day now.

In other exciting developments, the deck has been pressure-washed and the outdoor furniture (and grill) have been rescued from the garage and placed in their summer-time positions.

All we need is some sunshine.

We've seen my sister for dinner last week and I met her again today for lunch at my "opposite of Tacos Gonzales" - Cafe Yumm!. (When I am in Indio, I miss Cafe Yumm!. When I am in Portland, I miss Tacos Gonzales. It's a problem.)

Hot & Jazzy Bowl with tofu

The RV Goddess Newsletter will be arriving in your in-basket a few days late this month - I'm only one woman.

Until my next update, I remain, your discombobulated correspondent.