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Indian Springs Golf Club

Indio, California: A group of long-time friends (all Oregonians) gathered today to play Indian Springs Golf Club in La Quinta. The club was offering some-sort of special - $89 for 18 holes, cart and lunch. $89 seems so expensive to me, but this is February in the desert, so I guess it was a good deal.

The course is pretty wide-open and though the course has a lot of water and rude sand traps, the layout isn't so difficult.

Unless you are me.

Any day spent golfing with friends in the sunshine should be considered a great day.

Unless you are me.

Marci teeing off

Except for one exceptional extraordinary chip-shot (with a putter no less) resulting in a par, my game Sucked the Super Big One today and I finished well-over my usual very-sad 125.

We were entertained at one hole by a Golden Retriever. We noticed a tennis ball on the cart path and looked up to see the dog peering at us from behind a metal fence above the tee box. I picked up the ball and noted it was wet/slobbery, so figured the dog had dropped his ball and was waiting for someone to return the prize to him. I tossed the ball up to the dog. He was overjoyed and raced to fetch his soggy toy. A few moments later, after the dog had chomping on the ball for a bit - the pooch let it fall again... down the hill behind his home... to the cart path in front of the red tee box below. While we were waiting for the group ahead of us to hit, everyone in my foursome threw the ball back to the dog. He had us trained. The dog was pretty-much the highlight of my round.

Though we enjoyed such lovely weather all day, the sky filled with clouds this evening.

Gosh, we sure could use some rain... but it didn't happen. It was still over 70 degrees.

I spent the evening baking cookies. Organic Chocolate Chip cookies (without nuts) - in half-portion size of my usual version:

Baking cookies is often a signal we are going to Los Angeles to visit Leo... and we are... but this trip is actually because DT has a meeting in Los Angeles on Friday.

Don't y'all worry - we will still be seeing Our Little Slugger!

SLOGGER REPORT: No running today; only golf. (I should have jogged instead.)

Until my next update, I remain, your 65-over-par correspondent.

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