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Indian Canyons

Indio, California: A last-minute golf-game cancellation resulted in DT and I scrambling around for Plan "B". How to now spend the day? We decided to drive into Palm Springs and take a left up into Indian Canyons -  part of the Agua Caliente Indian Reservation - to hike a few of the many trails. This beautiful preserve is virtually minutes from downtown Palm Springs! We paid $9 each to enter the park.

The Andreas Canyon Trailhead

There are several grinding stones in the parking area!

We drove to the parking area for the Andreas Canyon and Murray Canyon trailheads and took the easy one-mile loop up Andreas Canyon. It was a beautiful hike - following a palm-lined creek!

My Driver, on the trail in Andreas Canyon

The creek was really flowing. The temperature was around 90 degrees today and the water temperature was refreshing. Many kids "swimming" in the various pools in the creek. Many families were picnicking. A lovely scene.

We saw countless Granite Spiny Lizards (Sceloporus orcutti). The lizard is very pretty - with a brilliant blue throat and belly. This lizard was about 10 inches long.

A beautiful shady hike - on the north side of the canyon.

And now for something completely different: the down-hill portion of the hike follows a ridge above the south side of the canyon!

But the palm oasis are visible all along the easy hike back to the parking area.

Hey! Look! I'm on this hike too!

What a gorgeous view! DT and I both really enjoyed this hike. Though to be honest, it really wasn't much of a hike. More like a very nice one-mile walk. A very easy trail, Andreas Trail would be perfect for younger children or family groups. There are plenty of shady spots to rest, plenty of places for wading/splashing and many picnic tables in the parking area (plus porta-potties). Rattlesnakes live in the area - so stay on the trail.

After that pretty hike, we drove the Honda up to the Trading Post (aka souvenir stand and snack shop). There is no RV parking at the Trading Post...

...unless your RV can fit through this rock formation!

We walked 1.5 miles up the 15-mile dead-end trail. The trail is interesting the first mile, where it follows a creek - with several great swimming holes - but soon it leaves the canyon and was in open desert... and it was hot... and I was complaining losing steam... so My Hiking Partner kindly suggested we turn around.

"Hey, Lady! You want a piece of me? No? Didn't think so."

Yo! This lizard was protecting her spot on the trail and wasn't very excited about letting us pass. It is breeding season - maybe she had eggs nearby? Can you see the pretty blue spot on her (his?) throat?

The trail heading out of the canyon - and another Granite Spiny Lizard

The view down Palm Canyon, about 1.5 miles up the trail

After returning to our car, we decided to have a quick look at West Fork Falls - even though I was tired and grumpy - because the water fall was basically at the edge of the parking lot. 

So happy we did too! Just a little scramble over a few boulders and we entered a cool rock-enclosed chamber with a gorgeous - loud - waterfall cascading over smoothed boulders. Wow! It was like stepping into an air conditioned room. DT is posing in front of a "cave" that leads up to above the waterfall. He climbed up there, but I stayed behind to enjoy the cool shade.

Palm Canyon is truly a beautiful escape from the busy city life of the Coachella Valley - yet it is only minutes away. An oasis in more ways than one.

Until my next update, I remain, your awed correspondent.

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