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Epic Fail

Indio, California: We spent some time this morning stowing items for our departure early Sunday morning. Grill stowed. Table stowed. Basement bays tidied and organized (by My Tidier and Organizer) and the inside of the bus was given another good cleaning by a team of girls who work inside this RV resort and are associated with the the guys we hire to wash the outside of our motorhome. With all the workers swarming throughout the park, the 400 RV lots in this resort feed a lot of families.

Before heading out to play golf, I prepared an easy brunch - Matzo Nachos. I don't know what ever inspired me to create a Mexican dish during Passover, but the nachos were super easy and only required 45 seconds in the microwave. Muy Bueno! Mazel Tov!

We golfed today at (what was once Trilogy, but is now called) The Club at La Quinta. They were running a coupon special for tee times after one o'clock, so we snapped up a slot and were lucky enough to not be paired with another two-some!

8th hole - The Club at La Quinta

The Club at La Quinta is really pretty. The course is lined with a zillion tract homes that are (you won't even believe this) selling for $650,000!

Many of the homes have installed very interesting-looking solar "tiles" on their roofs. Quite a bit more attractive than typical solar panels. We also saw a house with about ten circles of coiled black pipe on the roof, serving as a free water heater! So clever.

I am not sure what came over me today, but I was hitting the ball. Really hitting the ball. The women's tee boxes are at a huge advantage at The Club, but still... I was out-driving My Big Hitter on most holes. I shot 50 on the front nine. (Most of you are probably laughing, but I am a terrible golfer, so this was hugely exciting for me.) I made par on a par-3! I was on such a golf-bender that when I hit out of a sand trap and my ball landed in another sand trap, it rolled up over the lip and bounced up next to the pin.

DT just stared at me in disbelief and said, "You won't need your putter."

I was unstoppable.

I was going to quit my day job, join the women's tour and change my blog title from "RV Goddess" to "Golf Goddess".

Oh, wait. I don't have a day job.

13th hole

Ha. Loser. Dreamer. I should have only played nine holes. Fate came back to bite me on my backside on the back nine. I scored a 9 on two holes. I actually broke the skin on a finger on my final drive (it was my best drive of the day!). I was whimpering like a school girl and wrapped my wound in my handkerchief. I used a 7-iron for my next shot and then the cart just seemed too far away to go change clubs, so I chipped with my 7-iron and putted the last hole with my 7-iron. 

109. DT is pretty sure that is my best score EVER.

Natalie Gulbis can sleep well tonight.

Since I am such a loser, I had no idea today was Good Friday. We decided to go to Fisherman's Grill in La Quinta for a Passover-friendly piece of grilled fish... as did every person in La Quinta observing Good Friday. The place was crazy-busy! Fisherman's Grill had a very good band tonight. The girl in the above photo is the daughter of the guitarist on the far left. She is home from college and played with the old farts tonight - and they let her sing a few of her own songs. Such fun and really good music. Even this old gal was driven to dance when they played Come Together. I'm only human.

Until my next update, I remain, your 37-over-par correspondent.

RV Park:  Motorcoach Country Club. Without a doubt (to me - and don't forget, it's my website) the finest RV Resort in The World. Every available amenity. Golf, tennis courts, 3 pools, 3 spas, bathhouses, 2 laundries, fitness center, club houses, restaurant, bar, gated security, 2-mile waterway and wifi.