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If you were here

Indio, California: I am sorry, that after weeks of posting every night, I took a day off. 

Thing is, we really didn't do too much yesterday. But, in the evening, Debbie & Mark came over for dinner. Mark and DT have been friends since middle school... when middle school was called junior high. A long time. DT grilled herbed chicken breasts. I made tabouleh. I served a pie from The Julian Pie Company. No one starved. We dined outdoors. A wonderful evening.

This morning we enjoyed all this RV resort has to offer.

If you were here... this would be your view as you arrive to The Motorcoach Country Club - a palm-lined entry. Welcome to RV paradise.

Just past the guard gate, you see the Club House. Built on a hillside, the Club House offers a restaurant on the upper floor. Behind the restaurant, built into the hillside behind/under the restaurant is the fitness center, offices and the mail room for the resort.

Here is a view of the Club House from the back. Pretty nice, eh?

The entry to the Motorcoach Country Club is quite dramatic.

If you were here, you could run around the perimeter of the resort - 1.5 miles - or you could work-out in the fitness center.

Today I ran 3.5 miles on a treadmill in the health club. They have four treadmills here. During my workout (quite a long time, if truth be told) no other person ever used a treadmill. Maybe I scared them away?

If you were here, after your exercise, you could relax in one of the three hot tubs or one of the three swimming pools.

Because, by the way, it was 84 degrees here today.

Just mentioning.

If you were here, you could have enjoyed a meal in the Club House.

This is the view from the entry of the dining room.

This is the dining room - as the waiters are preparing for service.

The Motorcoach Country Club has a beautiful dining room and a bar. On either side of the dining room, they have outside seating areas with fireplaces for cozy cocktails looking over the resort.

If you were here on the weekend, you could enjoy breakfast/brunch/lunch.

Southwest Chicken Caesar Salad - the expected with fried tortilla strips. Yummy.

Or you could enjoy a veggie omelet with - apparently - Swiss cheese melted on top.

Or maybe - if you were here - you would just want to walk around the resort and enjoy all the blooming flowers... because, probably, at your house, not so much is blooming yet.

If you were here, you could get in your electric boat and take a spin through the two-mile waterway.

Waterfront sites each have a small boat dock.

Electric or oar-powered boats only.

If you were here, you could take your electric-powered boat to the boat dock behind the Club House and have a cocktail at the bar... or stay for dinner.

Or maybe you would just want to float along in your little boat.

Or maybe you would just want to enjoy the lovely views from your campsite.

And, if you don't have a boat... you could walk from the Club House to your motorhome along the lovely golf course.

Something for everyone.

If you were here, you could go to dinner at Castelli's in Palm Desert.

You could have ordered the veal chop.

Or the Veal Piccatina.

If you were here, a Marilyn Monroe impersonator could have been visiting a nearby table to sing Happy Birthday.

If you were here, you would have learned this dude was celebrating his 24th birthday and wasn't even a glimmer in anyone's eye when Marilyn sang Happy Birthday to JFK and you would have wondered what the "giver" was thinking...

Whatever. It was "Marilyn" and she was pretty dang cute.

Nearly as cute as the chocolate lava cake at Castelli's in Palm Desert.

Which, of course, you could have ordered this if you were here.

Until my next update, I remain, your "I was here" correspondent.

RV Park:
 Motorcoach Country Club. The nicest RV resort in America. Trust me. The MCCC is a motorcoach-exclusive RV resort. 400 sites - all privately-owned. Sites include 50 amp power on paved sites, water, sewer, cable, wifi and natural gas. Three pools and numerous spas, waterway for electric boats, restaurant, bar, fitness center, three tennis courts. Convenient location. Gorgeous facility.