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Appeasing me

Indio, California: Just a few steps into my morning jog, I felt a little snap in my leg. Ouch. For days I have been nursing a sore muscle high on my leg (I believe it is referred to as the groin) and today the muscle decided it was time to stop. So I did. Very painful. I have been icing, but think it best to take a day or two off from running. 

Next photo you see of me, I will no doubt weigh 428 pounds.

Give or take a stone.

Eddie & Frank from Mobile Satellite Solution were at our door promptly at 9 o'clock this morning to update our satellite television software - or anyway the box that moves the dish on our roof and tells it where to go to find the satellites in the sky. Technically it was an easy fix, but logistically Eddie had to remove the facing off the cabinet hiding the back of the box, fish-around to feel for the place where he needed to attach the thingy that transfers the new information to the box. It took about twenty minutes for the software upgrade and we are now good to go. Thanks Eddie.

Now about that pie. 

When I phoned Mobile Satellite Solution last week to arrange for an appointment, I spoke with the owner, Frank. Frank learned we were in Borrego Springs and asked if we were going up to Julian. Of course, we were going to Julian! Frank talked about how much he loved the apple pie from Julian, so I told him I would bring him a pie. Sure, he said, sure. But I don't think Frank believed I was really going to bring him a pie. Frank was pretty happy today when I gave him an apple pie. 

I like to make people happy. One pie at a time.

My Driver likes to make me happy too. Or maybe he just wanted to get me out of the RV so he didn't have to listen to me constantly complain about my sore leg. My painful sore leg. My aching painful sore leg. My miserably painful sore leg.

Are you getting the general idea of my whining this morning?

He took me to Taqueria Guerrero (83103 Avenue 48, in Coachella (760.775.9020) for lunch.

Best Husband Ever.

Usually I order the soft-shell tacos, but for some reason I decided to try the fried (hard shell) chicken tacos ($1.99 each). Though still very yummy, I think the soft-shell chicken tacos are better. They are also only 99 cents each!

Dave's lunch - two soft-shell chicken tacos from Taqueria Guerrero

On the way home, we stopped at Shield's Date Gardens just around the corner from the Motorcoach Country Club. We prefer the dates from the Oasis Date Gardens in Thermal, but Thermal is about 15 miles away... so we bought a few dates at Shield's today.

Companies are really getting desperate for business, eh? Just kidding. Shield's has been showing their date sex tape since the Truman Administration, yet I don't think even Perez knows about this sex tape.

Shield's has a huge selection of plain dates, dates stuffed with nuts and dried fruits and date candies.

And look at the organic selection! Yeah. You all know how happy this display makes the RV Goddess!

Dave just loves a date shake. I do too, but they are a bit too rich for my tastes... not to mention they come in one size at Shield's Date Garden - 20 ounces!


DT lines up for his date shake

This evening at the RV resort, we had a few folks (in golf carts, of course) stop by and reacquaint themselves with the crazy Duck fans in the crazy Duck bus. We were sitting outside, just before the sun went down. It was still 80°. I was trying to apply gin directly to my leg via a martini.

It wasn't working.

We had two other visitors. Visitors who have stopped by before. They are shy and they do not want a cocktail. These guests want only appetizers. They scarf down as many as possible and then leave.


These ducks know they are always welcome with their own kind.

Until my next update, I remain, your limping correspondent.

RV Park:
 Motorcoach Country Club. The nicest RV resort in America. Trust me. The MCCC is a motorcoach-exclusive RV resort. 400 sites - all privately-owned. Sites include 50 amp power on paved sites, water, sewer, cable, wifi and natural gas. Three pools and numerous spas, waterway for electric boats, restaurant, bar, fitness center, three tennis courts. Convenient location. Gorgeous facility.