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I am 55

Dear Readers, today is my 55th birthday. I cannot lie and try to convince you that I am younger. It is what it do not end a sentence in a preposition is.

My day started well as I am married to The Best Husband Ever (BHE) and was greeted with coffee and this:

Seriously. Who can resist a dude who goes to the supermarket and buys a dozen roses, snips them, places them in a vase and puts the vase on the kitchen island?

With two very cute/romantic birthday cards.

DT is a keeper.

My Father phoned from Arizona. My siblings phoned. My Mother-in-Law phoned. Gifts arrived. (!!!) I had tons of facebook messages from 7 countries. Isn't technology grand?

Last week I decided to celebrate my 55th Trip Around the Sun by running 5.5 miles. Do not ask me WHY I decided this would be a good idea. At about mile four, I was pretty-much sure I had made a huge mistake... but I am a trooper and a huge fan of long distance runners and could not disappoint myself, so kept at my task and, dang, if I wasn't able to finish my goal. Without stopping. Without a call to 911.

During my run, I listened to Jimmy Buffett on my iPod thingy and dreamed of the Reuben sandwich I could grill for myself after my run. Not sure how healthy it is to drool over Carnegie Deli corned beef a Reuben sandwich while running, but this Reuben fantasy brought me around the bend and to the finish line at EXACTLY 5.5 mile (14,000+ steps).

I may be 55 years old, but I can run 5.5 miles.

My birthday was celebrated tonight with a fun dinner party at Mingo, attended by our oldest friends - Woody, Kathy, Steve & Mary. DT and our guests arrived to find this pretty centerpiece on our table:

The Lovely Lisa (BDE) had this outrageously gorgeous centerpiece delivered to the restaurant. It was so large and so fragrant, the restaurant moved it from table to table throughout the evening and eventually we were able to bring it home to Taylor Manor where it will reside at my bedside until I decide to get up tomorrow... which may be quite late after my martini consumption long run today.

Until my next update, I remain, your 55-year-old correspondent.

PS: Do not be confused about my birthday celebration today... as My Birthday will be again actually celebrated 22-24 October in Las Vegas with Lisa & Lenny. Jimmy Buffett may be involved.