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Gummy Shabbat

Dear Reader, I have barely recovered from my birthday celebration. Seriously, when you reach this advanced age, it just takes a bit longer to recover from an evening of partying. Am I too old to party?

Goodness. I hope not.

That would truly be a tragedy that I wish no part of in any way.

I spent the afternoon in the kitchen. My favorite place to be. Busy busy busy. My sister and niece were coming for Shabbat and I prepared a hopefully lovely mushroom lasagna.

I sauteed a pound of crimini mushrooms with a chopped yellow onion. Then I made a "gravy" from stock and herbs. I assembled the lasagna using "no cook" noodles. Seriously, the no-cook noodles were the down-fall. The taste was fantabulous, but the noodles were gummy. Dang. I hate it when that happens.

I think I am over no-bake lasagna noodles.

Thank goodness it was family coming for Shabbat.

My sister, Renee, and her daughter, Carla - gummy lasagna appreciators!

And thank goodness there was a lovely (non-gummy) salad and very pretty (individual) apple tarts for dessert!

hope think the retched lasagna was forgotten once the apple tart and brown-sugar vanilla ice cream dessert hit the table. (100% organic too!)

Our niece, Carla, age 15

Seriously, I could eat dog fast food and wouldn't notice as long as this lovely creature is sitting across the table from me.

After dinner, Carla helped me wrap (individually-in-cling-film) 2+ dozen Big Fat Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies (sadly, without pecans). Why? Because we are going to Eugene in the morning. Not for a football game. The Ducks have a football "bye" this week and will face the UCLA Bruins next Thursday (!) at home. We are going to Eugene tomorrow (in a car/not our RV) for the Bill Dellinger Invitational - a cross country meet. Bill Dellinger (now retired) was DT's college coach and you may remember one of the boys on the current team is the son of DT's college teammate. Isn't that fun? Matt Jr. requested my chocolate chip cookies - without nuts. What's an honorary Auntie to do - except bake cookies!This gummy blurry photo was taken using my blackberry. I emailed this photo to Matt Jr. and asked him to run fast tomorrow.

He will.

Until my next update, I remain, your GO DUCK HARRIERS correspondent.