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Hunkered Down

Indio, California: Remember all the pretty photos I post of the front vista from our motorhome?

Who wouldn't want to see this gorgeous view all day?

However, since yesterday afternoon, we have no view. We are suffering through another dust storm. High winds have brought another thick layer of grit onto our campsite and lungs.

It is too windy to stay outside - and the grit settles into eyes and covers table tops and somehow even gets inside our sealed-up motorhome.

We especially feel sorry for the thousands of people who are in the Coachella Valley this week for Spring Break. Their vacations must be ruined.

We left the resort to have lunch with friends visiting from Portland, Oregon. A dangerous drive with palm fronds flying all over the road, low visibility - and, when you open the car door - it is nearly ripped-off the hinges from the gusts. So scary. Above was our view at three o'clock this afternoon.

When this ends, I suppose we will be hosing down everything once again.

Until my next update, I remain, your grimy correspondent.

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