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Indio, California: And, whoooooooosh, just like that, the kids went back to Los Angeles... and except for that one part where a certain little toddler pushed the BATTERY DISCONNECT button in our motorhome... we had a blast. Really, there is a shiny red light on the button, who can blame Leo?

Though really windy early in the morning, things calmed down enough to take Leo to the kiddy pool behind the clubhouse in the resort.

DT found a huge super-soaker-type squirt gun left by someone at the pool. Of course, DT had to teach his grandson how to use the soggy weapon. We all came back from the pool soaked - whether we had been in the pool or not. Thanks, Gramps.

And then there was a wholelotta this going on. Pretty talented kid who can drive and suck his thumb at the same time.

You may have noticed that we are spending a lot of time in Los Angeles this winter. You may have noticed that I have been cooking a lot of food to take to Los Angeles this winter. You may have noticed a serious absence of photos of Lisa on this website. Truth is, Our Girl is not feeling well. Tired and queasy much of the day. She basically refuses to let me take her photo, but today I insisted and she relented... asking that I not put the photo my blog... so I disguised her...

Today, DT and I are so very happy to share the news that Lisa and Lenny are going to have a baby in August, which explains her tiredness and queasiness - and also the huge smiles all around.

One more thing:

Until my next update, I remain, your over-joyed correspondent.

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