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Home Sweet Home

Another wonderful day surrounded by wonderful athletes! This afternoon we attended the University of Oregon Track & Field team banquet, held at the Club Room at Autzen Stadium (the Duck football stadium in Eugene, Oregon). The coaches honor athletes with outstanding GPA's, give watches to the Most Inspirational, trophies to the Most Outstanding, etc. The young men were wearing ties. The ladies were wearing pretty dresses. So much fun. The meal was a buffet brunch with pretty flowers on the table. The team banquet is the complete opposite of the sweaty runners, jumpers and throwers we usually see.

After the banquet, we returned back to our home in Portland. And after seeing the Future World's Greatest Athlete at the team banquet today with his fiancé, senior heptathlete Brianne Theisen, we were super excited to find this in our mailbox:

Seriously. Could Mr. Eaton be more perfect? Cover Boy! I hope you can all find time to read this wonderful story about Ashton Eaton in the July issue of Runner's World Magazine, written by famed sportswriter (and Duck track alum) Kenny Moore. (Or you could actually pick up a copy at your local newsstand. Do you think Ashton will sell more copies than the May 21st Time?) Moore's article tells the entire story of Ashton from the very beginning. Wonderful read!

After four days of restaurant and catering meals, all I wanted was a home-cooked dinner. All DT wanted was my mac & cheese. Not the healthiest choice, but Dave so rarely requests that I cook something specific, I went to the market and gathered the ingredients. DT wanted a spicy Mexican rendering of my RV-easy Mac & Cheese.

My version of mac & cheese is simple to prepare as it does not have a cream sauce. Instead cooked pasta is simply tossed with shredded cheese and baked. Anything (or nothing!) can be added to change the flavors.

Tonight I sauteed garlic and jalapeno, threw in a can of diced green chiles and used a "Mexican style" already-shredded-in-a-bag cheese. Instead of breadcrumbs, I sprinkled crushed tortilla chips over the top.

It was the perfect dinner to enjoy at home.

Our one night at home together until Sunday.

PS: Big Bragging - Oregon coach Vin Lananna tweeted about me! Apparently I am his favorite Oregon track fan. Who knew?

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Until my next update, I remain, your fat & spicy correspondent.