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Carla Graduates

You may (or may not) be curious as to why we returned to Portland last night, when (as you all know) DT has meetings every Tuesday in Eugene? We had a very important event in our family history this evening - our niece, Carla, graduated high school. Not only did she graduate from high school, she graduated a full year early! I'm telling you, the kids in this family are so smart!

My sister arranged for a lovely party at the Davis Street Tavern, one of Portland's most popular restaurants, for her only child's high school graduation dinner. Davis Street is not a Mexican restaurant, but vegan Carla wanted a taco party - so they made veggie, fish & beef tacos for thirty guests. Carla is so loved - she had guests fly in from as far as New Zealand for her high school graduation! (Seriously, isn't New Zealand about as far from Oregon as one can get?) Carla had aunts, uncles and grandparents in attendance and a cast of friends to fill a private room at the restaurant.

Since Carla is so clever, she set-up a photo booth in a corner of the room - with a Mexican theme - and let everyone snap photos (in costume!) which she will later compile for her own amusement.

Here I am posing with Carla and long-time family friend, Scott. Miss Maracas 2012 is having too much fun! The photo booth was very popular at the party. I can't wait to see all the snapshots!

Of course, Carla's Grandfather (my Dad) and his wonderful wife, Mary, were at the party! Everyone had such a lovely time and the food was so delicious. After dinner, the guests hopped on the light rail to the Memorial Coliseum (Portland's ice hockey arena) for the graduation service.

Next fall, Our Darling Girl will start university - in the Honors Program.

Of course.

I told you she was smart.

We have a busy and full house tonight, so I will close with a few pretty photos of peonies I purchased for the kitchen table this week.

Bought 'em at the grocer!

Until my next update, I remain, your celebratory correspondent.