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Home Improvement

Indio, California:  Our resort has a very active social calendar with events of every sort and interest. Events are held at several locations throughout the property - the restaurant, the bocce ball court, the Yacht Club (auxiliary clubhouse), poolside, somewhere along the golf course and sometimes a street will be blocked-off for a street party. Another popular spot for gatherings has been a park-like area behind the clubhouse/pool area. It is a grassy area, with a few seating areas and a pretty creek meandering through the space. Pretty. Lots of lawn. Many palm trees.

No where to sit. No where to stand comfortably or place a chair, as the lawn area had berms and knolls and bumps.

Above is a photo of a gathering in the space in January of 2015... and below is a photo of a Mardi Gras party in the space in March of 2014:

Someone (was it our friend, Billy?) came up with the idea to level-off the space, put in pavers, ring the palm trees with seating islands, make a higher "stage" area and to make an area with cozy fire pits. Crews have been working on the project and the new event space is finally ready.

Looking from the water towards the clubhouse

The new "stage" area

The view from the stage area to the new plaza. The club has more table/chairs to use during a party.

My Driver, up a creek - new landscaping and flowers have been installed.

There are three fire pits on the other side of the creek

Fire pit area, with the beautiful pool and clubhouse in the background.

I am so excited about the new event space. It is 90% more usable than the grassy knolls! I predict a lot of dancing in our future. Beautiful job!

Another beautiful day in Paradise.

Sometimes I look down the canal and can't believe we are back to watch the Little San Bernardino Mountains change color throughout the day. Spectacular - especially when they are mirrored in the canal waters.

And suddenly, it is Hanukkah! Unlike Adam Sandler, we do not have 8 Crazy Nights. We have latkes the first night and last night, but light a Menorah every night during the holiday. (The following video is not suited for children.)

I promise there is a latke under all that smoked salmon, sour cream and capers.

Happy Hanukkah!

Until my next update, I remain, your fried correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club