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The Week in Photos

Indio, California:  Another busy week here in the old trailer park. We have settled back into our winter routine and I am loving getting my pedometer steps outdoors in the sunshine instead of on a treadmill... oops, I meant, dreadmill.

Before sharing photos from this week, here is a flashback from last week:

A coupon for a free photo book from Shutterfly was included in our "welcome packet" from the Legoland Hotel last weekend. Since I had snapped over a hundred photos of the grandkids enjoying the Legoland theme park, I had the great idea of making a photo book for Leo, starring Leo, with photos of Leo on all the rides, etc. While sorting through the photos to upload to Shutterfly, I realized there was not one photo of me. I asked Lisa and Lenny if they had taken any photos where I could have possibly appeared. Nothing. It's like I wasn't even on the trip. Then Lenn reminded me of the professional photo we had purchased after exiting a ride (through an Egyptian tomb of some sort where we were required to aim at target with a laser to earn points... not really sure what this was all about). Not the best photo of Bubbe, but after a scan - ta da - proof I was on the family vacation. (NOTE: DT earned over 1000 points, Lenny and I tied with exactly 420 each and the little guy did not have very many points because he was too preoccupied/fascinated with all the mummies and stuff to aim his laser. And, he's four.

The weather has been outstanding. So happy. Warm days. Cool nights. Beautiful sunsets.

The view north, with clouds... which provided a gorgeous sunset:


Looking west

Same view. Same sunset, ten minutes later.

I have cooked quite a bit this week. One failed soup attempt, but mostly healthy meals.

I roasted half of the butternut squash from Gina's garden with garlic and red onion and used it in my Warm Potato Salad with Arugula recipe... except with butternut squash instead of potatoes, obviously. If you haven't tried this recipe yet, put it on your meal plan soon. Honestly, it may be the best recipe in my collection.

This is a main course salad (or a hearty side dish), and can be vegan if the parmesan cheese garnish is omitted. I served it with only a mini baguette. The other half of the squash was cubed and roasted with only a little olive oil, salt and pepper, then frozen for a lovely saffron risotto in our future. Thank you again, Dear Sister-in-Law, for feeding us so well.

One recipe I've been working on is going to be a keeper - Parmesan-Garlic Breadsticks... or should I say GARLIC-Parmesan Breadsticks, because I used six cloves? I will be sharing the breadstick recipe soon.

Even if I did serve the pretty breadsticks with a ho-hum-so-so Pumpkin Soup recipe that I will not be sharing?

Bland Pumpkin Soup with sage and tasted pumpkin seeds

Thank goodness the orange and avocado salad was scrumptious.

After all these healthy vegetarian meals, we went to Tacos Gonzales for lunch one day this week and didn't order tacos. I don't know why. The chicken enchiladas were good, but there are hundreds of places to get a a decent enchilada in this valley.

Chicken Enchiladas with salsa verde and only beans (no rice)

There are also hundreds of places to get a taco, but Tacos Gonzales is the best. Tacos from now on.

Until my next update, I remain, your well-fed correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club