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He’s Back!

TrackTown, USA: On the evening of the 6th day of isolation, DT has been released back into the wild - as long as he wears a mask. His Paxlovid course complete, he is no longer considered contagious (I'm not kissin' him!) and his doctor said he can now go out.

While his friends and family are very happy for his health, a few people may be bummed his meet tickets are no longer available:

Becky, Michael, Chelsea, and Calvin Friday night at Historic Hayward Field

I spent Saturday schlepping Dave's bicycle seat and seat post to three different bike shops, trying to get a longer pole, so his long legs can stretch out properly while riding. Oh my, did the staff in the bicycle shops (I was helped by women at each shop), have fun with all the innuendos about my husband needing a longer rod/pole/shaft, especially when I explained he only needed about two inches. That's what they all say, sister. Mission accomplished, I returned to the bus to prepare dinner, when we learned he had been set free. It was a bit of a mad rush to get to the stadium, but we arrived in time for the first event.

"Legend" stole a spectator's hat

Several fun sightings in the stands tonight. Joey Harrington (ex-Duck and NFL quarterback) was sitting in front of us with his family:

And looky who came to see me in the stands! Cory and Baby Wesley:

Other things were happening at the meet tonight. There is civil unrest (to put it mildly) in Ethiopia and citizens of Tigray were in the stands tonight holding loud protests in the concourse during the meet. Citizens of Tigray spent the rest of their time trying to sneak into seats in our section to watch the women's 5000m, while ushers and security staff spent their time trying to kick them out. One protester ran onto the track after the women's 5000m, lifting the Ethiopian winner up and tried to carry her away (to where?) before he was taken away by security.


There is a link to all results below, but the highlight for Dave tonight was Duck-alum Jenna Prandini (a San Joaquin Valley Girl) finally getting a gold medal in the women's 4x100 relay.

Melissa Jefferson, Abby Steiner, Jenna Prandini, Twanisha Terry
Jenna Prandini - happy on the big screen

There was a sad happening this evening as well. Canadian Damian Warner was leading in the decathlon, when he fell on the back straight-away during the 400m, the 5th event in the two-day contest. He pulled-up, grabbing his hamstring, whinging in pain. In frustration and anger, he pulled his race number from his jersey. His decathlon was over. We have followed him for years and were sure this was going to be his gold medal meet. Oh, Canada!

The Masked Man and I (also masked) will attend the final night of the meet. Until my next update, I remain, your relieved correspondent.

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  1. Good news for Dave🎉. Did he need to test clear to go public?
    My daughter in law had to test clear to go back to work, 12 days
    and no symptoms. So nice you stayed clear!!
    Great your missing the heat in La Quinta.

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