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Day 4 Update

TrackTown, USA: This post is being pecked away on my phone, seated on a folding chair outside our bus. The weather continues to be conducive to social distancing and our friend, Rita, is loving using our tickets to the Championships.

There is improvement in Dave’s condition today. He went for a short walk (masked) and has been puttering around the campsite. He must always be doing something!

Dave’s doctors office phoned again to see how he is doing, but seem more amazed I have yet to catch the bug.

Eight additional free rapid tests were obtained via our health plan (or maybe Medicare?) yesterday. I filled the Jeep’s tank ($70), and procured more lemonade for my patient. Lemonade helps curb the awful taste of Paxlovid. I have also learned how to spell Paxlovid, but am still unsure of the pronunciation.

I continue to test negative.

When I popped out to fetch more COVID tests, I stopped at a local gourmet grocer to set us up through the weekend. I turned a one pound package of ground beef into two burger pattie’s (frozen for later), a bit of taco-seasoned beef for nachos, and the rest into a mish-mash of shallots, minced garlic, sliced garlic, and a small jar of marinara, to create a small lasagna for our dinner tonight (served after 8p) enjoyed after the meet tonight

Sorry, I have no more news. We are in lock-down. Seeing no one. Doing nothing. Just happy David is improving and I am still testing negative.

Until my next update, I remain your “It’s on TV” correspondent.

4 thoughts

  1. Hope Dave continues to feel better! It’s amazing you’ve dodged it given you’re in an RV. Fingers crossed your luck holds out and you stay free of it.

  2. Fingers crossed you remain negative! Due to Dave being positive (and knowing how careful you guys are) I ordered covid tests yesterday. We too are careful but it sure seems as if we may all end up getting covid sooner or later!

    1. I’m into week 2 of this crap. Was very careful,I got it my traveling buddies are still neg.
      Hard to figure out.

  3. Yahoo! Took my final dose of Paxlovid today, so excited to get rid of the sour bitter taste 👅
    Hopefully DT & I will soon have negative results and get out of lockdown!
    Jim shows no symptoms and continues feeling fine, go figure?
    You certainly stretched that lb of hamburger 🍔 a lot of ways!

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