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Happy New Year

Indio, California:  I am back in Indio and My Driver is still in Portland. Maybe we will meet up again later this week?

I hated leaving my grandchildren, but germs are running amok at their house, so I skated-out early and returned to Indio before the Super Bowl. Not too exciting of a game for me (though I did glance-up occasionally from my needlepointing). Hey, Cam Newton, now you know how it feels (extra bonus funny rapping video).

Before I left Los Angeles, Leo cleared the house of all ghosts using his sword and shield.

He ain't afraida no ghosts

This protective shield was purchased this fall in Portland at the Children's Museum. Not sure how it made it through TSA screening, but it has saved the family from countless attacks since.

You would think with Dave away I would be enjoying my time alone to the max. I. Am. Not. My Driver left me with a list of tasks concerning our income tax return. Ugh. Not fun.

Though Dave and I celebrated last week and I celebrated over the weekend with the kids, tonight is officially Lunar New Year. I (what a loser) celebrated alone with a sad little plate of potstickers. It is difficult to celebrate, after the terrible earthquake in Taiwan this weekend.

Honestly? The Year of the Monkey must be greeted with trepidation. Let the little tricksters enter, but do not offer them a seat at your table unless you have a plastic tablecloth.

That said, Happy New Year.

Until my next update, I remain, your primate correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club