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Carefully Orchestrated

Indio, California: Our last day in Indio was carefully orchestrated. By DT.

VIP Golf Car Storage picked-up our golf car/cart this morning. Some fellow campers leave their carts under custom canvas covers all summer, but we are too afraid of ruining the tires/batteries, so our little ride is pampered. Our cart is stored in air conditioned comfort, driven a bit so the tires won't get flat spots, the batteries are kept charged and well-watered. When we return in the fall, our nearly-washed cart will be returned to us, ready to roll.

And... poof... she's gone...

A few moments after the golf cart was taken away, a crew arrived to give the Magna Peregrinus one last wash - for the road. (Meaning, it will probably rain tonight. It always rains after we get our bus washed.)

It takes about 45 minutes for the crew (Dynamic Mobile Detailing) to wash our motorhome. They use a light pressure washer and ionized water. The bus is washed, rinsed and hand-dried. The engine is power-washed, the tires are treated and inside the bay doors are wiped down. They charge $2 per foot, so $90 to wash our coach.

Then, a very sad part of our week - the last tacos from Tacos Gonzalez for quite a while.

Holy Guacamole, am I going to miss this place and the entire Gonzalez family.

After lunch, I had a mani-pedi. A girl can't be expected to hit the road without being properly pampered. Back at the bus, I prepared a lasagna for our first dinner on the road. (We have a long-time tradition of eating lasagna on the first night of a major voyage.)

This dish took at least five minutes to prepare. I used a veal Bolognese - prepared weeks ago - from our freezer, no boil pasta sheets and a bag of already-shredded mozzarella. (Hey, I'm camping. Don't judge.) The finishing touch was a bit of parsley from our herb garden. Covered in foil, the casserole waits in the fridge until I bake it tomorrow night on the road

After assembling the lasagna, I put anything else laying around in the fridge into a crustless quiche-type thing. Onion, mushrooms, turkey bacon, odd bits of cheese, thyme from the garden, eggs and half-and-half. We can eat it for breakfast. We can eat it for lunch. We can freeze it for later. Who knows? I just know there is no longer random stuff in the veggie bin.

Next on the agenda? One last boat cruise with Captain Jim and Mary!

We had dinner with them last night and visited with them this morning, but that just isn't enough. We are going to miss our fellow Ducks. They docked the Desert Duck at our campsite and we hopped on board for one last cruise around the beautiful Motorcoach Country Club.

The Yacht Club

Our motorhome and campsite, from the water

One of the golf holes at the Motorcoach Country Club

A new campsite in the resort - nearly finished. So pretty!

Never forget: this is a campground!

Lois, Steve and Rock Star

Our neighbors, Lois, Steve and Rocky The Golden, found us along our cruise this evening. Later we all went to Pueblo Vallejo Grill in Indio for another Mexican meal. We did not know Monday night is half-priced night at the restaurant. Everything is half-price. Everything. We had appetizers, margaritas, beers and dinners and it was only $19 per person. We are going to have to remember this great deal next year. The food is really good!

We returned to our campsite after dinner and sat outside, enjoying the quiet, the stars and the beautiful warm evening. Our casita is completely packed-away for the summer. It's time to go.

We are so sad to be leaving Indio, but we have a great route planned for our return to Oregon. We will be visiting a few new destinations and will take several weeks to reach our home - so please check back often.

Until my next update, I remain, your "last day" correspondent.

RV PARK: The Motorcoach Country Club