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Los Angeles, California: DT returned to Indio on Friday afternoon from a rain-soaked and stormy Portland... to a windy and rainy Coachella Valley.


Does not look good

Actual rain

We hunkered-down for the night in our cozy covered-and-wind-protected shade structure, with a roaring (gas) fire and enjoyed a lovely saffron risotto with roasted butternut squash. Welcome Home, Dave!

Saturday morning, we drove over to Los Angeles to spend the 7th night of Hanukkah with Lenny's sister and her family. Latkes! The last (eighth) night of Hanukkah was celebrated with just the six of us at Lisa and Lenny's home. The kids may have started-in early with their gifts. After our recent visit to Legoland, there was a theme to gifts this year.Leo, helping Lucy open her gift

Lucy's First Lego! Duplo with some sort of Princesses and a mermaid. Lucy loved her building set and can actually (at 17 months) snap the pieces together with ease. Genius! Leo received a "Jake the Pirate" Duplo building set (complete with pirate ship).

As the sun set, Lenny and the kids lit two menorahs (one is Lisa's, and the other Lenny made as a child).

Lenny, holding Lucy, lights the candles while Leo looks on

Leo, aged 4, lit the second menorah

So... flashback.

Our niece, Delaney (daughter of my baby brother Steve and his wife, Kris), turned 21 years old this week. It seems like only yesterday Delaney was at our house lighting the candles on our menorah.

This photo was taken in 2001. Delaney is now at college.

Happy 21st, Delaney!

Until my next update, I remain, your nostalgic correspondent.