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Growth Spurt

Indio, California: Lisa and Leo arrived early this afternoon for a sleepover with Grandma. We went immediately to a local playground.

Who is this Big Boy? Where did our little grandson go? It seems Leo is turning from a baby to a little boy overnight. He is so independent. Leo has nearly abandoned the stroller - he prefers to walk. Without holding your hand, if you don't mind! But Leo doesn't walk. He runs.

Lisa and Lenny are exhausted much of the time.

At 17 months, Leo is now 23 pounds - tall and skinny.

At 378 months, Lisa doesn't weigh much either.

Ah, there ya go - Leo's still a baby sometimes!

For all you doubters... the folding baby bathtub worked very well. It is small, but once filled with water it seemed to stretch-out and it will work fine to bathe Leo for a little while longer... when it will be repurposed. I recall using something of a similar size (in a similar shower situation in The Philippines) daily to bathe Lisa until she was nearly two years old.

Here is a photo of Lisa, taken on the Bataan Peninsula, at around 16 months:

Does she look like Leo?

Until my next update, I remain, your grandmotherly correspondent.

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