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Golf at Eagle Falls

Indio, California: We took a vacation from our vacation today to play a round of golf at Eagle Falls, a nearby course associated with the Fantasy Springs Resort & Casino. It is a very scenic and challenging round, and the golf course is always in such great shape - not too much tricky water, but tough sand trap placement.

We were able to play alone, play was fast-paced and we finished the front nine in under two hours. Even so, I found a little time to take a few photos of the scenery with a camera (aka, not phone).

Palm tree - and close-up of the spent fronds

Things slowed-up quite a bit on the back nine, and I was having a terrible time getting that little white ball to go where I wanted it to go... so I resigned after the 13th hole. Gave up.

The Chocolate Mountains

It was simply too nice of a day to let a bad round of golf spoil my mood. I can't even say "golf is a good walk, spoiled" because courses in the area rarely allow players to walk! Carts only.

My Driver was having a great back nine!


As the play slowed, DT eventually was swallowed-up by a three-some of friendly Albertans playing in front of us.

The sun began to fall behind the Santa Rosa Mountains, and the temperature really dropped - it gets into the 40s overnight in the Coachella Valley this time of year.

The final hole is set along a water fall, that must be "Eagle Falls", don't you suppose?

I can't wait to play again - and hopefully remember to bring my mojo along in my golf bag. Such a frustrating game when you are learning... and I have been golfing for over 30 years... and I'm not going to get any better if I keep stopping after 12 or 14 holes. Step It Up, Girl!

Until my next update, I remain, your sub-par correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club