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All Day In L.A.

Los Angeles, California: Saturday is my day of rest, but not this Saturday! Dave and I drove from Indio to Los Angeles yesterday afternoon, arriving in time to have dinner with the kids. Today was a whirlwind of activity, beginning early with piano lessons for Leo, and ballet for Lucy.


Our little ballerina posed for me after her class. Lucy (she turned 4 in August) is now in the "big girl" class, and no longer with the toddlers. Obviously.

Then her brudder joined-in on the posing, along with the Leo and Lucy's BFFs - Saffron (center) and her big sister, Coco... and everyone became a little silly with their posing.

Immediately after classes, we all went to Lucy's preschool for the annual Winter Carnival. We have attended this gathering/fund-raiser since Leo was enrolled, and now realize this is our last year to attend, because... drum roll please... Lucy will start Kindergarten in September. How is that even possible?

Lucy's school does the same thing every year at their carnival: photos with Santa, Christmas tree sales, crafts, a train ride, foods, games, silent auction, and they haul-in enough snow to make a miniature sledding slope - all covered in falling (fake, soap?) snow. All under sunny skies this year, though temperatures were only in the mid-60s.

Lucy resists the toboggan business every year, and every year, Leo convinces her it will be fun.

Sorry for the huge flake of "snow" that is covering Lucy's little face, but you can easily tell Lucy is not having a fun time. As the sled came to a halt, she hopped off and declared the entire event scary.

This is NOT scary, and also one of my favorite booths at the carnival. It's for charity, y'all!

Santa wanted his photo taken with Lucy.

After a quick stop for tacos, we next headed out to Hyland Park to watch Coco (Leo's friend, pictured above) perform with her band in a rock concert. Coco attends Kid Row music school, and every year they have a recital... er... rock concert. Today Coco sang the opening song, played the drums during another, and bass on the third (and final) song. Her dad might play the bass professionally, but I think Coco maybe is a drummer.

Coco, (in skirt and black top) takes a bow with her band

Then gramps and I had time for a little rest before we went to dinner at a local Italian joint. A very full and fun day.

More Los Angeles activities tomorrow.

Until my next update, I remain, your scheduled correspondent.