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Getting Geeky With It

Borrego Springs, California:  As I type this on Wednesday morning, we have been in Borrego Springs two days and I haven't left the resort except to jog. I haven't even been down to the pool. I have spent too much time on the phone with internet satellite techs. Sometimes the internet satellite techs don't agree with each other. Sometimes one tech will have an idea that will spark an idea in the complex brain of another tech.

This whole satellite internet thing is basically a miracle to me anyway. The fact that a dish on our roof can find one particular satellite floating above the earth, lock-on, and allow us full access to the interweb - well, that has to be some sort of magic.

John Watson from MotoSat has helped us so much over the past few days - at no charge. John (in his motorhome in the desert in Arizona!) works exclusively with my system and knows it inside out and backwards. Since our system seemed to only be working in the middle of the day when the temperatures were warm, John decided it was a "temperature issue", so he conducted another experiment. (72° and sunny in Borrego Springs today.) After our dish connected with the satellite, John asked DT to hose-down our roof-top dish. The cold water caused us to lose the signal immediately. Ten minutes later, when the dish had warmed up again, we were back on-line. With the results of this experiment to ponder, John put on his thinking cap. An hour later, he phoned with a possible solution. He had me telnet into the modem and change a few settings. John did more research and determined our LNB needed a different setting. Then - pay attention now - John had the folks operating the satellite in the sky send new instructions to my modem!

NASA has nothing on the RV Goddess.

John thought maybe this would fix our problem and I can happily report we were online until 4:30p, when the signal began to drop and eventually was not strong enough to allow us to remain connected to the satellite.

Rat farts.

As I type this on Wednesday evening, you may be happy to know, I actually left the RV (and my computer) this afternoon and walked down to the pool. The Springs at Borrego has a large hot tub and (can you see them?) several smaller "for two" hot tubs. The water is from their own natural hot spring and the water does not have a sulphur smell! So refreshing and so relaxing after using my little brain for too many hours working with the engineers today.

Here I will include a shout-out to Reader Ellen from Indiana. Yesterday, My Driver was in the large hot tub. Several other people were in the spa and, as RVers do, they started chatting. Finally a lady - Ellen from Indiana - looked at DT and said, "Don't I know you?" DT told me he did not recognize Ellen, so replied no. Finally Ellen exclaimed: You're that guy from the RV Goddess website!

My Driver, recognized!

This afternoon, I was able to meet the very lovely Ellen myself! Ellen said she is into RVing, food & wine. I wonder why she reads this website?

Late night internet problem update: John has decided there is something wrong in the software in the modem, and he plans to get to the bottom of it tomorrow. Hopefully Mr. Watson can do this remotely, because I am tired of sitting in front of my laptop and need an adventure.

Can you say "Apple Pie"?

Until my next update, I remain, your geeky correspondent.

RV PARK: The Springs at Borrego RV Resort & Golf Course. One of our very favorite RV parks on the west coast. Sites are large and each has a nice cement patio and picnic table. Cement 50 amp pull-throughs will full service. There are also different varieties of citrus trees all over, so you will never be lacking for a cocktail garnish in the winter. Slow wifi. Fabulous warm pool and many hot tubs - all from their own hot springs! Fitness center, library, community rooms. Regulation 9-hole golf course. Recycling. Huge fenced dog park! We are paying $64 per night for a "premium" site.