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Garden snapshots

A strange August day. Sun. Wind. Clouds. Rain. We had quite a bit of ruckus this morning on our patio - two hummingbirds chirping/squawking at each other and fighting for territorial privileges to the free all-you-can-drink hummingbird buffet.

Mr. Rufous

Mr. Ruby Throat squawking at Mr. Rufous

The birds are sitting atop our tomato cages - hey, look, the tomatoes are beginning to turn red pink!

Now, for dinner. I had some grilled chicken, a little left-over mozzarella from the lasagna on Friday and a bunch of broccolini. Hmmm... I had a package of organic orecchiette too! I put a pot of water on to boil and blanched the broccolini. Then I used the same water to cook the pasta. Then I used the same pan to sauté a few cloves of garlic with the (now chopped) broccolini, tossed-in the sliced grilled chicken, the hot pasta, the cheese, a little olive oil and a lot of black pepper. Left-overs never tasted so good!

Orecchiette (little ears)

Don't forget the veggies

... and fresh fruit

It was a yummy meal and everything was organic too.

Be sure to check back. Beginning Wednesday, I will be posting daily from Slow Food Nation in San Francisco! Until my next update, I remain, your left-over correspondent.