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We are home again, after an over-night trip to Central Oregon to visit my family. Just a quick trip and luckily the pass was mostly clear of snow for our return trip.

This afternoon we were all startled by a huge crash - a flicker had flown into the window of my parent's dining room. Unfortunately (possibly because it was 37 degrees outside?), the window was closed. The poor bird hit the deck. Literally... but quickly rallied and hopped-up on the deck railing to gather his wits again.

Dang. That hurt.

Why is everything spinning?

That definitely is a stupid place to put a window.

But I'm feeling better. How do I look?

A flicker is a large woodpecker - around 12-inches tall. They live all over the country, usually hang-out with their mate and lay 5-10 white eggs in a hole they make in a tree (or cactus, for the desert-dwelling flickers). Flickers are very lively, noisy, pretty and entertaining... unless they think drilling into your metal fireplace flue is a good time. Then, it sounds like you are under attack and they are not very entertaining at all.

Hey! Is that a suet feeder? I'm outta here.

After a few moments, the flicker did fly away and is fine. And just in case you aren't into ornithology, here are other pretty things to view:

The Three Sisters

Mt. Jefferson, trying to hide

Until my next update, I remain, your National Geographic correspondent.