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I Smell Roses

Could a day be any longer? The clock moved like molasses in the winter time waiting for the five o'clock kick-off time - Ducks v Arizona Wildcats, live from Tucson on ABC. We had decorated the house in a Harvest/Thanksgiving mode... hoping to celebrate a harvest of the Wildcats.

Pilgrims. Dried leaves. Pumpkins. Raffia. Indian Corn. Just your usual tailgate party (sans tailgate). I cooked up a huge pot of The Barefoot Contessa's Chicken Chili and our friends gathered the watch the game, live on ABC.

There was a lot of head-holding and screaming from our guests (and DT) during the game. The officiating was absolutely horrific. The tacky Arizona fans left their seats with a few minutes to go in regulation and were ready to storm the field - roses in hand.

Trust me. This is never a good idea.

The Ducks won in double over-time! Holy Moley My Boy Masoli ran it in to the end zone to seal the deal. Those tacky Arizona fans had to head back to their seats... but not before throwing their plastic water bottles onto the Duck players on the sidelines - injuring one player and sending a cheerleader to the hospital.

Sore losers.

We didn't know about all this ugliness occurring in Tucson. We were just happy the Ducks pulled it off.

Tense Moment

Mary & Julie

Mary, texting LaMichael James

Julie & Steve

Pretty Kelsey

It was the longest game I can recall in a while. Double over-time... the game over-ran my TIVO/DVR/thingy.

Until my next update, I remain, your GO DUCKS correspondent.