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Five Photos

Los Angeles, California: Just a quick update tonight, Dear Reader, to let you know DT and I have arrived in Los Angeles. We flew down this afternoon (on separate flights, due to Dave's busy schedule) and are now ready to spend the night on a blow-up bed (very comfortable, by the way) on the floor of the future nursery.

I have five photos to share with you tonight.

We are here for the weekend to check-off 573 items on Lisa & Lenny's to-do list. I think they have accomplished quite a bit already. The baby is approximately 9 weeks out at this point, but they have already replaced the 80+ year-old windows in the room, had the nursery repainted (grey) and have added a very funky light and adorable book shelves.

The kids chose a very practical dresser/book shelf/changing table. There is a wooden changing-table accessory that attaches to the top of this dresser. The changing table can be removed when no longer needed.

We are also here to help with yard work. Some weeding, but mostly adding bark dust and rock to a few flower beds. Recently, Lisa had the white lattice removed from her patio and it was replaced with this very pretty trellis structure. Three potted jasmine with hopefully one day fill their patio with shady, sweet-smelling vines.

Lenny brought Lisa the prettiest bouquet of flowers this week. This photo has nothing to do with my column tonight, but the flowers are so gorgeous, I just wanted to share.

But this is the best photo of the day. These innocent-looking boxes hold the crib where our grand baby will sleep. We flew down from Portland to assemble this crib.

Remember us in your prayers.

Until my next update, I remain, your El Lay correspondent.