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Rosie Takes the Cake

I am crossing rivers this week. On our field trip yesterday, we were on the other side of the Willamette River and today I crossed the Mighty Columbia. For a slice of cake.

Not just any cake, mind you.

Our friend, Rosie (wife of DT's college roommate/teammate), is opening a cake shop in Vancouver, Washington and today she held a "tasting" at her home for her friends, neighbors and family. I drove up to Vancouver this afternoon with Mary. About seventy women were at the taste-o-rama, which was a fundraiser for the Tarahumara Indiansof Mexico. Eat what you want, take home what you like and put something in the jar for the charity. What an inventive way to promote a new business! Congratulations, Rosie.

The owner of this website is not responsible for any irrational behavior
resulting from viewing the following photos!


These pretty-in-pink treats are Coconut Cake Bites. Little balls of coconut cake, dipped in dark chocolate.

Rosie also baked chocolate cakes bites. Too pretty to eat!

Yeah, right.

There were platters of pretty cookies and trays of delightfully decorated cupcakes!

Gorgeous cookies.


And these smaller treats were only part of the extravagant display Rosie baked for her coming-out party. She also prepared an entire table filled with delicious cakes - every flavor you could desire, and every cake decorated like it belonged on a magazine cover.

Or like it belonged in my belly.

Rosie has the following flavors on her menu: Double Chocolate, German Chocolate, Mexican, Marble, Red Velvet, Pink Velvet, Classic White, Classic Yellow, Coconut, Angel Food, Lemon, Banana, Carrot, Spice, Pumpkin and Pound Cake.

She also offers ten frostings, including this luscalicious Italian Buttercream. Just in case you are wondering which cake I opted to sample - it was the pretty pink cake above. Rich chocolate cake, with chocolate filling. Ridiculously moist, buttery and not overly sweet. It was positively perfect!

It was a very difficult decision. I should have tasted a slice of each cake, don't you think? Or maybe I should have brought this carrot cake home and dangled it in front of my nose above the treadmill?

Or maybe I should have eaten this little six-inch cake by myself? I just loved all the colors Rosie chose for her creations. In addition to a cake menu, Rosie also bakes cupcakes, cake pops, decorated sugar cookies, tartlets, decorated brownies and mousse cups.

As lovely and tasty as the desserts were this afternoon... the sweetest thing at the party was three-year-old Zoe (Rosie's eldest grandchild), with her shoes on the wrong feet. Precious!

If you live in the Portland-Vancouver area and are interesting in ordering a cake from Rosie, send me an email and I will send her contact information. Until my next update, I remain, your sweet correspondent.