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Indio, California: Four big events at our campsite today.

1. A crew arrived this morning for the annual waxing of the motorhome.

This photo was taken from behind the safety of our screened-in patio. We always useDynamic Mobile Detailing to wax/wash the Magna Peregrinus.

Did we drive this RV off the lot five years ago? Seems like yesterday - and after being treated to a waxing this morning, it looks like the same RV from 2008.


2. At the same time the exterior was having a beauty treatment, another crew arrived to detail the inside of our coach. Twice per year, the ceramic tiles are steamed cleaned, the little strip of carpet in our slide room is steam-cleaned, the shower is steam-cleaned, the wood is oiled and the entire coach is cleaned from top to bottom.

Not too shabby for a five year old motorhome with 40,000 miles on the odometer!

3. Our golf cart was delivered from storage.

Woot! Don't y'all I know we cruised around the resort this evening to check-out all the new construction since our departure in May.

We are back in business. 

4. On a more serious note... as many of you know, DT and I lived in Manila, Philippines in the early 1980's. Our daughter, Lisa, was born in the The Philippines. We lived through two terrible typhoons during our Manila years (and another while in Taiwan a few years later) and understand the destruction of a typhoon. Those horrible gales now seem like little rain storms compared to the recent typhoon that has devastated the central part of The Philippines.

The Filipino people have been in our thoughts and prayers for days now. Tonight we made a donation to the Red Cross and I prepared Filipino food. I hope you will all do the same - especially the donation part.

Until my next update, I remain, your balikbayan correspondent.

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