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Indio, California: Up early again this morning, as the temperatures were predicted to hover around 90°. I was actually out the door for my run before nine o'clock... the usual "run around the block" four-miler. Dave rode his bike 23 miles. We were away about the same amount of time.

There were two items on my agenda today.

1. Run.

2. Bake.

Since My Driver was bicycling on the roads, I carried my mobile phone in my hand on my jog this morning. This is convenient if Dave ever needs to phone because he has a flat tire, etc. I can take the Honda to his location to fetch him. Having my phone also allows me to capture pretty pictures.

This photo is one of the best views at the Motorcoach Country Club. It looks directly west down the canal. (Our vista is north.) The campsite where I snapped this picture is one of the most expensive in the resort. I love this view, but the sun beats down all afternoon on the front window of your RV in this site, so your shades would be closed much of the day. But, dang, when your shades were up - what an amazing panorama!

Sometimes it is good to remember - this is a RV park!

Yeah, right.

After we exercised and had a way-too-healthy salad for lunch, I started baking. When I woke this morning, there were two items on my list to bake.

1. Cheddar Biscuits (crackers) for Leo... using my new duck cookie cutter.

2. Shortbread Sandwich cookies, filled with raspberry preserves.

However, as I was having my coffee and reading my favorite food bloggers, Luisa Weiss of The Wednesday Chef, posted her version of an intriguing Apple Cake recipe from Berlin. I had the ingredients on-hand (you probably do as well)... so then there were...

3. Apple Cake.

Everything was organic, of course. Organic butter, eggs, flour, sugar, vanilla, cheese, cream, apples - only the purest ingredients I can find for my 24 pound grandson.

I have calves that weigh more than Leo.

The cracker dough is easy, made in the food processor from the easily-adaptable recipe on this blog. I simply omitted the cayenne pepper and used a mild organic cheddar for Leo. My new duck cookie cutter was a bit difficult to use (lots of little corners), but what Duck Bubbe would not use this cute shape for crackers or cookies?

I stabbed each duck with a bamboo skewer to make an eye. Leo is going to love these biscuits! After cutting out three difficult dozen, I completely weenied-out and switched to a simple circle cookie cutter to finish-off the dough.


Next, I tackled the shortbread sandwich cookies. The cookies turned-out lovely, but after filling a few with raspberry preserves, I realized Lisa would scream when the red (organic or not, red is RED) jam would get into everything in her house - like her sofa. Floor. Walls. Leo's clothing. Leo's hair. The dog's ears. 

Instead, Leo will be receiving unadorned shortbread cookies.

This gorgeous apple cake could not be easier. It does not need a mixer or food processor. It needs a whisk and a few bowls. Luisa calls for lining a pan with parchment, but I lined only the bottom of a buttered spring form pan with parchment and the cake easily slipped-out. This cake is a rarity as it involves apples and does not ask for cinnamon. I went back to the original recipe Ms. Weiss cooked from and used three tablespoons of Jack Daniels. No milk. No vanilla.

This cake is not for Leo.

Since I baked for The Little Guy today, you do not have to stretch your brain to learn we are heading over to Los Angeles this weekend.

A Big Event is planned.

Stay tuned.

Expect way too many photos of a certain curly blonde boy.

Until my next update, I remain, your baked correspondent.

RV PARK: The Motorcoach Country Club - The Crown Jewel of Motorcoach Resorts. 400 sites, three pools, three spas, fitness center, golf, bocce ball, tennis, 2-mile waterway, fine-dining restaurant, bar, security, planned activities, perfectly maintained. Sites for sale or rent.