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Fingers & Toes

Los Angeles, California: Another day of admiring our beautiful grandson, helping Lisa & Lenny, and enjoying time with friends and family. Perfect weather here in Los Angeles.


Lenny snapped these photos of The T's holding his son. We are so blessed! Today, the Little Guy finally escaped from hospital-issued clothes into his own designer duds. Even the "newborn" size are a bit too big for Leo. Two weeks early - Leo is too large for preemie clothes/diapers and too small for newborn clothes/diapers.

Though a bit baggy, The Dude was totally styling in Beverly Hills this afternoon.

Not to go all Benjamin Button on you, but it is not hard to notice we humans come into this world curiously the same as we go out. Wrinkled. Toothless. Shriveled. Helpless.

In preparation for his home-coming tomorrow, DT and I were sent on errands. Lenny & Lisa's fridge is stocked with a six pound roaster and plenty of organic fruits & veggies. (I will be cooking this weekend.) House is tidy. Garden is watered. Nappies were purchased. DT assembled the bassinette stand - one of the last chore left before the two-week-early arrival. Tomorrow we tackle Leo's laundry.

Grandpa assembled this rocking stand for the Moses basket

After our chores, Dave and I dined at Farfalla - one of Lisa's favorite restaurants in Los Angeles. Delicious wines, and a relaxing meal for over-tired Grandparents. Tomorrow Lenny & Lisa will bring their son home!

Until my next update, I remain, your tired (but I still ran 30 minutes this morning) correspondent.