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The Many Moods of Leo

Los Angeles, California: I hope My Dear Readers will indulge this old lady Grandma a few days of baby blogging. Is it my fault The Lovely Lisa delivered the most beautiful baby the world has seen since her own birth?

Our Girl continues to amaze us. She has taken to Motherhood like Leo was her 6th child. Little Leo is cuddled, coddled, fed and rocked to perfection. We spent the day at the hospital. Lenny ran home this afternoon to have a shower, check the mail, water the plants, etc., so we were in charge (of helping Lisa) for a few hours. It is difficult to rest at a hospital. Nurses coming and going. Blood pressure/temperature checks, housekeeping, meals/menus delivered/taken away, flowers delivered, Lisa's doctor stopping by, Leo's doctor stopping by, breast feeding people stopping by, visitors stopping by, dieticians stopping by. Lisa wants to go home so she can get some rest! Hopefully, tomorrow.

In the meantime, here are way too many photos of the most beautiful baby I have ever seen (in 30 years):


I am thinking about crying.

Seriously. I could so cry right now if I wanted.

Here I go!

Leo isn't much of a crier. Yet. He squirms a bit. Little noises. Mousey squeaks. Leo makes the cutest little faces as he squirms. He sticks his tongue out. Sneezes. His eyes are crossed much of the time. I had forgotten all this stuff about babies. Red blotches appear/disappear on their faces. They stare at you... and then their eyes roll back into their heads. Of course, we think all of this is adorable.

One interesting thing about Cedar-Sinai Hospital (and probably every hospital in America these days for all I know... as I haven't had a baby in 30 years... and when I did, it was in The Philippines and they just sent me home with the only Caucasian baby in the nursery) is that all the babies are LoJacked. Leo is wearing an ankle bracelet! If Leo crosses a parameter on the maternity ward with his ankle bracelet, alarms sound and the entire hospital goes into lock-down! The device is about the size of a 9-volt battery. Little Leo will be happy to be rid of his LoJack tomorrow! (Every time the nurse comes into the room, she asks Lisa her name. Every time. Every damn time.)

This is an added bonus photo because this is the most gorgeous flower arrangement I have ever witnessed. Five different types of orchids - sent from Lisa's office. The hospital volunteer delivering the arrangement could hardly lift the vase. Amazing.

Leo with his Godmother, Angela.

Okay, peeps... I think ya'll are boring me, so I will yawn now and you will think it is adorable.

Because I am getting so tired of being totally precious.

How about a profile shot for the paparazzi?

Finally, this afternoon, Leo cried for about two minutes... while DT was holding him!

What a wonderful noise.

Tonight Lenny & Lisa asked us to visit Barbrix - the restaurant owned by their friends - to spread the good news of Leo's birth. We had an wonderful meal and the entire restaurant celebrated!

Until my next update, I remain, your happy correspondent.