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Friday Adventures

Longmont, Colorado: After exercise and one-minute showers, we had to dump our holding tanks (this campground only offers electricity and water sites). The grey tank (shower and sink water) was full. Six days, not bad. This required putting everything away, stowing the satellite dish, and bringing in the slides. Then we drove a hundred yards and dumped the tanks, returned to our site and reversed the process. 45 minutes gone. I saved a bit of tank space by hand-washing dishes in the kitchen sink while DT was emptying the tanks.

Business finished, we hopped in the car and drove to Boulder. We had been to Boulder before and I remembered a fabulous kitchen shop, Peppercorn, so wanted to have another look. I recalled fabulous French linens, that we still own/use.

The kitchen shop is on Pearl Street, a great car-free pedestrian mall lined with shops and restaurants. Most of the shops are local, just a few chains. The Colorado Buffalos we’re hosting the TCU Horned Frogs tonight, so the streets were filled with fans in their team colors.

Pearl Street in Boulder
First, lunch.
Surprise! We went to an Italian restaurant.

The kitchen shop had changed. More kitzy stuff, more hot sauces and soup kits, less linens. Maybe the store had expanded since our 2014 visit? I couldn’t find a thing that needed a place in our home. So sad. So unusual. Kudos to My Driver who has schlepped me to more kitchen shops than Jeffrey has schlepped Ina.

We did find something very interesting in Boulder - a restaurant named Lucile’s Fine Food, spelled the same way our Lucile spells her name - with one “L” at the end. (Our Lucy gets her unusual spelling via a street name in Los Angeles.) I sent the photo to Kris and she said the restaurant has a branch in Longmont. Learned it is a Creole cafe and is named after the owner’s mom.

Lucile’s Fine Food

Driving back to Longmont, we happened by a Trader Joe’s. We hadn’t seen one for a while, so bought a few things and I sent a text to Kris and finished up her shopping as well. (Kris and Steve had to work the past two days.)

We met at Kris and Steve’s and walked an easy half-mile to downtown Longmont. They first took us to Dry Land Distillers. They make whiskey, gin, and rum - plus a tequila-type booze made with cactus. They also serve the Barefoot Contessa’s Rosemary Nuts with their cocktails. We really enjoyed ourselves, and our drinks, but mostly enjoyed that Kris and Steve knew so many people walking by. They have only been in the area four years and have settled-in so well.

Dinner was at a nearby restaurant, The Roost, made infamous for their cauliflower appetizer after a visit from Guy Fieri of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

Bangin’ Cauliflower

It was like Buffalo Cauliflower, but with a less spicy (and a little bit sweet) sauce.

Our evening was going so well until a storm blew-in (It’s The Rockies) and thunder, lightning, and rain shook the town. Our gentlemen walked/jogged back to the house in the storm, fetched a car, and carried us home safely.

We noticed the TCU v Colorado game started at 9p. Was it delayed due to the storm? The Ducks are in Georgia and will face the Bulldogs tomorrow (ABC). We will watch with the fam.

Until my next update, I remain, your stormy correspondent.