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A Ride on Captain Jim’s Boat

Indio, California: After spending the weekend with friends in Palm Springs, Lenny, Lisa & Leo came to the old trailer park to spend a night with us before heading back to Los Angeles. It was so wonderful to spend the day with them! We went to Tacos Gonzales for lunch and Leo "drove" the golf cart around and around the resort before napping - all in anticipation for five o'clock, when Captain Jim and Mary were going to arrive at our dock to take Leo (and his parents and grandparents) for his very first boat ride except for that whole Pirates of the Caribbean thing at Disneyland a few weeks ago

Leo was so excited and talked about his boat ride all day. He wore a little life vest and was eagerly waiting at the dock for embarkation.

The Desert Duck arrived and we were all happy to see Captain Jim, Mary and their son, Dan, and his eldest daughter, Haley, on board. (Dan, his wife and two daughters are in town for a several week visit.)

Leo, snacking

Not sure what adorable Haley (age 3) thought about the blonde-mopped boy invading her grandparent's boat, but she warmed to us after just a few minutes and was as sweet as she could be with our little toddler and Haley was soon teaching (Haley is an experienced Big Sister) Leo to raise his hands in the air when her Grandpa's boat goes through a tunnel.

Leo was quite smitten.

It takes about an hour to traverse the two-mile water course meandering through our RV resort, and on the way back to our dock, Captain Jim let Leo and Haley "drive".

Look at the joy on Leo's face! I think this photo was taken when Captain Jim showed the kids how to honk the boat horn. (Sorry to all the people who were camped nearby at this exact moment.)

Mary & Haley

There is nothing like a Grandma's love.

And quick as that, the ride was over, we disembarked, and the Desert Duck returned to her home port. Thank you, Mary & Jim for a Lovely Cruise.

We grilled steaks, watched a Muppet movie and called it a night.

Except for Leo. Leo just wanted to "drive cart" all evening. We finally just parked the dang golf cart next to the casita and let him crawl over the thing while we enjoyed dinner. Crystal and Brent stopped by and gave Leo a cool little flashlight that changes colors and flashes. Of course, Our Boy repurposed the flashlight as a light saber.

That Y-Chromosome is a Piece of Work.

Not only can Leo turn a flashlight into a light saber, he can completely shut-down a 45-foot motorhome. Isn't it fun to push all the buttons on Bubba's dashboard? Isn't it fun to push the BATTERY DISCONNECT button? Pushing the BATTERY DISCONNECT button caused our motorhome to completely shutdown. The carbon monoxide detector started beeping. Then the entry step came in and would not go back out. DT had to restart the engine - which usually reboots the system. Not this time. We tried a few things and finally just decided to "call Brian in the morning" - and run and jump to gain entry to our motorhome. 

While we were eating dinner, the steps suddenly just popped out on their own. Who knows?

We really teased Leo and told him "don't push buttons"... which he repeated as "don't push butts"... which made us all laugh and then he started pushing buttons again.

That Y Chromosome is a Piece of Work.

Wait, did I already say that?

Until my next update, I remain, your sea-worthy correspondent.

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