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Family Time

Los Angeles, California: A quick flight down to Los Angeles this afternoon. Super excited our flight was not for-some-unknown-reason cancelled today and more than happy to report our 2 hour flight could not have taken more than 1 hour and 45 minutes. 


We spent the early afternoon in several horse-posing situations with our Favorite Grandson, Leo (nearly 3 years old). Little Dude seriously loves his plastic horses. And cows. And bison. And elk. Moose. Elephant. Lion. Tiger. Bear. Oh My. Giraffe. Dinosaur. Dinosaur. Dinosaur. Sheep. Pig. Goat.

You get the picture...

Gramps and I finally convinced the ball of energy to take a rest with us (so Lisa could get a little nap) this afternoon. (Please notice Leo's new tee shirt. GO DUCKS!)

I don't need to even mention this, but Leo DID break-out into the Oregon Fight Song the moment he saw his new tee shirt.

Lisa marinated lamb chops. I did a little chopping and together we Lisa served-up another gourmet meal - grilled lamb chops, cannellini beans braised with kale, and a bowl of fresh berries.

Leo was gnawing on the (organic, grass-fed) lamb chop bones like he was eating a popsicle.

After dinner, this family takes a walk.

Mommy, Daddy, Leo, and Reese (our GrandDawg) took a stroll with Dave and I around the 'hood after dinner.

After the walk: Bath. Brushing. Books.

Until my next update, I remain, your Good Night Moon correspondent.