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Family & Friends

Track Town, USA: Dave worked for a while at his track-side office this morning and while he was working, Lisa, Lenny & Leo flew up to Oregon to enjoy a few days of The One True Sport. Lenny has never been to a big-time track meet (nor has Leo!), so the next few days will be a fabulous way to introduce Lenny to our family passion and a perfect way for Dave and I to show-off Leo to our friends (as basically everyone we know is at this track meet). The entire track and fan festival was closed all day today. A few workers were inside prepping for the final four days of competition, but everyone else seriously needed a few hours to see their families.

Or to sleep.

After all that airplane and car seat time, The Cutest Baby Ever needed a little play time and there is a small park just one block from their hotel in Eugene. Please note the drastic change in the weather. Naturally - on a day with no track competition - the sun would be out, not a cloud in the sky and the temperatures were in the high 70's.

Little Guy is a dare-devil. The higher he can go in a swing, the better. Leo laughs and squeals and screams with excitement when he is in a swing. So dang cute.

Grandpa took Leo around this merry-go-round thing a few times, but Grandpa gets a little woozy on this type of ride, (i.e., never ride with DT on those tea cups at Disneyland). Leo didn't seem too excited about the merry-go-round either and proceeded to suck his thumb.

The seesaw/teeter-totter was very exciting for Leo, but Grandpa had to help Lisa hold down her end, as the weight-distribution thing was not working out very well.

I hope you all notice - our little grandson is wearing track shorts!

Lisa commented to Lenny, "Can you even imagine going to a playground in Los Angeles where we are the only people on the swings?"

When the thumb goes in, a nap is sure to follow.

We walked down to the University of Oregon Museum of Natural & Cultural History to view an exhibit of Jim Thorpe's sport memorabilia and medals, and then went to McMenamin's brew pub for dinner with Dave's high school coach, Cliff Clark, who is in Eugene for the Olympic Trials.

Just a few years older than DT, Cliff was stationed at Castle Air Force base near Merced, California in the early 1970s and volunteered at Merced High School. DT ended up being one of the most heavily recruited distance runners in the country due to excellent guidance from Mr. Clark. Generations of Cliff's family have owned and operated the South Ferry Company, bringing travelers to and from Shelter Island, New York for over 200 years!

Terry, DT, Leo, Lisa, Lenny & Cliff

Another great day with my beautiful family.

Back to the track tomorrow for a few of my favorite races. All my boys are racing in the 1500m prelims tomorrow - Matthew Centrowitz, AJ Acosta, Russell Brown, Will Leer, Andy Wheating, Jordan McNamara... only three can go to London, but I will be cheering for all my favorite guys! Later Lauren Fleshman races in the women's 5000m meter final and then one of the finest fields America has ever gathered (OMG - I saw Lopez Lomong in the supermarket today!) competes in the men's 5000m final. It's gonna be huge!

Until my next update, I remain, your super-excited correspondent.