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Easy Rider

Indio, California: The kids are here to celebrate DT's birthday. Leo is fussy with an ear infection and is not the happiest of campers. Lisa and Lenny are sleep-deprived and are not the happiest of campers.

DT and I are very happy campers because the kids are here.

We sent the parents to rest in the air conditioned casita and kept The Little Guy busy while they napped.

Hot, sweaty, flushed and curly - Little Leo still loves playing with this "cell phone".

It was 104° in Indio today. We let Leo loose with the garden hose on the "mist" setting. He was soaked, but was having such a good time. Who cares?

Leo liked his Scramblebug, but after a few minutes found something more exciting to explore:

I like the bike, Bubbe, but let's check-out your new wheels...

Soaked to the skin

Pretty sweet ride, Gramps! Oh, I am so going to take this thing for a joy ride in a few years.

In the afternoon, we all went to the pool for a shady swim. The water was so refreshing on such a hot day. Later, Debbie and Mark joined us to celebrate Dave's birthday. I prepared Chianti Beef (served over pasta), Caesar Salad and I baked a cheesecake for dessert.

Someone was served Chianti Beef, avocado, cooked carrot and havarti cheese for dinner. Someone only ate havarti cheese and went to bed. Ear infection + little sleep the night prior + swimming + 104 degrees = tired baby.

The birthday party (for the adults) was a great success. So nice to celebrate with family and such old friends! What a lucky Birthday Boy.

Until my next update, I remain, your hot correspondent.

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