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Easy Driver

Indio, California: One nice thing about having one child - it's sure easy to get the entire family together. We enjoyed another wonderful day with Our Girl, Lenny and Leo. We all went to the pool, but Lisa's main objective is too keep Leo out of the sun - even while slathered in sun cream and wearing a swim shirt - and the shady side of the pool was a bit chilly. (Don't ask me how anything other than the water in Antarctica could feel cold on an 106° day... but it was... and Baby Leo was NOT getting in that cold water. He refused.) But I understand. Little guy is so fair - the delicate skin must be protected. (Due to their drastic difference in coloring, people at LA playgrounds often assume Lisa is Leo's nanny. True story.)

Instead of getting in the water, Leo threw his Crocs in the pool 367 times so I could retrieve them. After that fun time, we left Lisa & Lenny to enjoy the pool, and DT and I brought Leo back to our casita. We filled the duck watering can 367 times and let Leo drench himself in the shade of our olive tree.

Forget the $40 trike. This dollar-bin watering jug from Target is his favorite toy.

That, and my iPhone, naturally.

34 inches, 24 pounds. Future miler???

Soaked, again. Speaking of "again"... when the duck was emptied, Leo handed us the vessel and asked, "again". Except, it doesn't sound exactly like "again", it sounds like "AHHH-jin".

No, Leo, gin is for Bubbe.

Dave decided to drive the golf cart back to the pool to fetch the kids and all of Leo's unused floaty toys. Leo didn't like Bubba taking off in the golf cart, so Grandpa put Leo on his lap and let him "drive". Oh my goodness, the smile on Leo's face was priceless! He was so proud of himself.

And this is EXACTLY why we bought the golf cart!

Lisa isn't the only Mother concerned with her baby getting too much sun. This momma duck had five wee-ones to worry about this afternoon at our boatless dock.

By the way, the antibiotics did their magic, and Little Leo's ear infection seems to be a thing of the past. His Momma suffered with ear infections as a toddler as well. Is this common with everyone?

Until my next update, I remain, your tanned correspondent.

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