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Open This Tuesday Only

Indio, California: Things are winding-down here at the Motorcoach Country Club. It is getting quieter (and hotter) every day. We only had one visitor stop by this morning:

Green Heron

The restaurant at the clubhouse - Top of the Falls - is closed on Tuesdays. Every Tuesday, except tonight. Since today is the last day of the month, tonight is the last day on the job for most of the restaurant staff. After tonight, the restaurant will be open for a few hours each evening, Wednesday-Sunday, with a very limited menu and skeleton staff. The restaurant will close for the season May 19th and open again mid-October.

To celebrate getting away from all us old geezers, the staff had a big happy hour party and offered a half-price bar menu. Even though it seems very few campers remain at the Motorcoach Country Club, the restaurant was packed tonight.

We arrived in style - Captain Jim and Mary picked us up in their boat and we cruised to dinner.

It's a rough life here in the desert.

We had steamed artichokes for dinner - huge massive things. Just a great meal with great friends, and I think we have nearly used up our restaurant minimum!

After dinner, we took the long-way home. Captain Jim gave us a cruise around the two-mile waterway.

The resort is so pretty at sunset.

We've heard an owl the past few nights and tonight we saw an owl sitting on the bridge railing! Of course, I only had my phone "camera" and not a real camera and by the time I could click, the owl took off... sorry for the blur. Still, it was pretty exciting and the first time we had seen an owl in Indio... no doubt a consequence of the baby ducklings in the lake these days.

Until my next update, I remain, your nautical correspondent.

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