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Eagle Falls

Indio, California: For the first time since arriving to the desert in November, I went golfing. Finally. Just the two of us. The temperatures soared well into the 80's all week - great weather for golfing.

A great day for golf - and if you look closely between the trees at the end of the canal (right) in the photo below - a great day for a hot air balloon ride:

We made a tee time at Eagle Falls, a pretty course attached to a Native American hotel/casino in Indio, Fantasy Springs, operated by the Cabazon tribe.

After hitting a few balls, we were paired with a very nice couple from Massachusetts, Vicky and Jeff. They live very near our old stomping grounds of Exeter, New Hampshire, so we had a lot to talk about.

Vicky and Jeff had been in the Palm Springs area for several weeks and had done quite a bit of golfing. I had not golfed in MONTHS, and it really showed. (Though, not really. I always golf poorly and my score is about 120 every round.)

Though the pro shop isn't much - I think it is a mobile home situation - the course is just stunning. So lush and so green.

This view is north, looking directly towards Joshua Tree National Park - the same vista we have from our motorhome window every morning.

Play was slow and it was nearly dark when we arrived home after our round. Just in time for a glass of wine and just in time to watch the Ducks beat Cal in basketball, 66-53... which combined, those points are still not as high as my golf score.

Until my next update, I remain, your "but my drive is awesome" correspondent.

2018 PLEDGE UPDATE: One month into my Year of Not Shopping, I did not purchase clothing, shoes, purses, nor jewelry in January. We were in Costco and they had a special deal on Speedo one-piece swimsuits. Very cute. I picked one up and put it in our shopping cart, then suddenly remembered my vow... and returned it to the rack. I did not need another bather. I have two in the motorhome. Yes, it was only $17, but it made me realize how easy it is to just buy something because it is "only $17" or "so cute" - even if there is no need for this item - without giving it a moment of thought.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club