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Plastering the ‘hood

The Stray consumed much of My Day. Okay - I worked most of the morning because Monday is my "busy day", shipping weekend orders. You all know I run a huge mega-business empire in my spare time, right?)

(Let me regress just a bit and mention The Stray slept on the foot of our bed over night. Obviously, this cat used to lead a very normal life. What happened? Why can't cats talk, anyway? Is there a "cat whisperer"?)

Goal for the Day: deposit "FOUND BLACK CAT" flyers into nearby mailboxes before the mailman delivered. Since we are a bit rural and it was pouring rain, I proceeded out in the car, stuffing the Rural Route boxes with a flyer explaining the Adorable Virtues of The Stray and letting the owner (or hopeful future owner) know the cat was going to the pound on Thursday unless they present themselves. North of our property sits a fancy neighborhood with McMansions on one-acre lots. These lushly-landscaped homes have communal mailboxes, so I had to encase a few flyers in plastic and tape them to the mail stations.

My Mother reminded me depositing flyers into mailboxes is against the law. Will Mom be baking me a cake with a file hidden inside? I plead the fifth. Whatever. Maybe I will just drink a fifth. Thanks, Mom.

I taped a flyer to each side of the communal mail stations

I left the house with 14 flyers encased in plastic and 25 flyers for mailbox stuffing, and had to return to print another 25 flyers! Who knew so many people live around here?

I dream The Stray has an owner who will phone and we will have a Glorious Reunion and I can get in our motorhome and head south with a clear conscious. But, probably our vet was right and The Stray was dumped "in the country" because someone lost their house, their wife, their job, or their mind. I also sent a mass email to everyone I know in the world, asking for a good home for The Stray.

Here is a photo (right) of The Stray sleeping on Reese's (our Grand Dawg) bed. I will guarantee Reese would be most unhappy with this situation.

The Stray continues to amaze. Though she uses the litter box - several times today she cried to go out - then proceeded use the forest behind our house as her bathroom, and then cried to come back inside. I love this cat. Whoever adopts The Stray is getting a very smart kitty.

Later it proved The Stray is exceedingly more intelligent than this correspondent. After puffing away on the treadmill for 1.25 miles, I was wondering why today's workout was so difficult. I felt like I was climbing Mt. Everest. Only then did I look down to notice My Driver had left the treadmill set at an incline! How stupid can I be?

Don't answer that question... but the next 1.25 miles felt like an easy stroll.

After climbing Mt. Everest, a girl needs a little nourishment.

Look at that healthy plate - fresh organic tomatoes and greens

Even better with a little extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Doesn't that look delicious and healthy? An easy, vegan and organic meal.


Chicken cutlet over mixed greens

Until my next update, I remain, your "The Stray is on my lap again" correspondent.