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Nothing to Report

Indio, California:  Nothing to report. This is a good thing - as we drove from Los Angeles to the Coachella Valley in pouring rain today. Miserable.

The Magna Peregrinus was patiently waiting for our arrival, but I cannot even begin to imagine how many coaches departed over the weekend. When we left on Friday, there was barely a vacant campsite, now about 25% seem to be empty.

It was not raining in the Palm Springs area, but it is cold and the skies do not look promising.

Laundry has been started. I ran out to replenish our larder and ship orders...

...while My Poor Driver tried to give his seriously injured hamstring a little stretching - but it was too painful. After a few miles, he conceded and limped over to the hot tub instead. Probably a good decision.

Time for a quiet evening at home. A three-night bender in Los Angeles with the kids has pooped us out! 

Until my next update, I remain, your recuperating correspondent.