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Just a pretty bowl of gigantic blueberries

Indio, California:  The weather is finally here. Mother Nature remembered the Coachella Valley is supposed to be hotter than heck in May. She finally turned up the thermostat. Temperatures will be in the low 100's all week.

One last cocktail with Mary & Captain Jim
at the Clubhouse Sunday night

And things are slowing down. The restaurant and bar in our resort closed for the season Sunday evening. So many motorhomes have left, the resort is nearly deserted. When we do see someone, it is a bit of a surprise. Dave and I are slowing down as well. Getting ourselves organized to hit the highway north.

The most exciting activity around this campground is the adorable baby ducks that have recently hatched. Is there anything cuter? There is a momma hanging out in the canal in front of our bus with nine babies.

And a praying mantis stopped by. 

Sunday, DT and I drove to the Whole Foods in Palm Desert to purchase duck legs. I was going to make Duck Confit for Mary and Captain Jim. As long as I was there, I picked-up a knob of their fresh pizza dough... too lazy to make my own this week.

The Whole Foods dough was a bit more "bready" than my home-made version, causing thick edges. I topped the pizza with garlic and olive oil, a little mozzarella, shaved asparagus (just shaved with a veggie peeler) and a few chili flakes. Super good pizza topping. An homage to Spring.

The dough was really chewy as well. Usually Dave and I can finish the little pizza I bake... but we couldn't finish even half of this one.

Back to the duck... it rested in the fridge Sunday and Monday, generously rubbed with salt and pepper. Tuesday, the duck was poached (4 hours at 225 degrees) in duck fat and herbs in a Dutch oven for four hours. Then it was cooled and refrigerated. Wednesday evening, I dug the duck legs out of all that cold fat, scraped 'em off and browned them in a hot skillet. The taste was perfection; the presentation was not so great.


Instead of a heavy potato or lentil or pasta base, Dave came up with the brilliant idea to serve the duck on a bed of simply dressed arugula. It was the perfect flavor combo and I may switch-out my usual lentil accompaniment from now on.

As unattractive as the main course was, the appetizer course was gorgeous - antipasti platter:

And it was garnished with herbs from our little pots and a few branches from the olive tree. We served panna cotta for dessert.

Another fun night with our fun friends!

Until my next update, I remain, your decelerating correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club