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Day Trip

Los Angeles, California: Luckily for me, someone in this house wakes very early, which enabled me to get on the freeway to Indio just after LA morning commuter traffic and just before the temperatures climbed above dangerous.

Since I was coming to "inspect" our pavilion, our contractor had stopped work since Friday (this means they didn't work Monday). Everything was really looking pretty good. I had him move the fire pit that he was worried about and we realigned a few lights. I am very pleased with the work so far.

The casita area is only 9x13 and it included a full bath - but it still looked pretty spacious today.

Arnold thought we needed a little more space in the kitchen area and we compromised. Arnold knows best.

The ceiling holds lottsa stuff. Lights, heat lamps, ceiling fans, speakers, motion-detectors, a NASA space shuttle docking station and hidden rope lights.

Also, a boat-load of electrical wire. (See my snazzy Jeep Liberty rental car? It was pretty comfortable on the interstate, but I think the car was made for someone over 5 feet tall... which is pretty-much everyone... except me.)

Steve & Lois - the great couple who own the site across the street from our lot - were in town. They had come over from their (San Francisco) bay-area home for a Motorcoach Country Club board meeting. A wonderful surprise for me to see them and their very hot Golden Retriever, Rocky. It was 109° in Indio today and 88° when I arrived back to Los Angeles two hours later.

Late this afternoon, I accompanied the Cutest Baby Ever and his Mother to the grocer. Leo thinks riding in the cart is about the greatest fun imaginable. He is growing up so fast and changing from a "baby" to a "little boy" almost over-night. Lisa resigned her position last month and is now a full-time Mom.

Whole Foods Baby

Best Job Ever.

Until my next update, I remain, your road-weary correspondent.